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Komodo Dragons Do Not Need Females to Reproduce

Updated on May 31, 2013

An Agitated Komodo Dragon


This Hub was Inspired by a TV Show

This Hub was inspired by a show called MonsterQuest on the History Channel. In the episode titled: "Real Dragons," the MonsterQuest crew goes in search of the Megalania lizard. One Australian man has a cast of a large footprint found to be from the Megalania lizard. Another man, a historian, shares that the Aborigines have stories of this creature to have been sighted in the not-so-distant past. The MonsterQuest crew then sets out to put meat traps in various locations where a large animal has been sighted moving in the forest.

Being a close cousin, the episode mainly revolved around the Komodo Dragons living in the area.

Komodo Dragon Using its Tongue to Pick Up a Scent


Parthenogenetic Reproduction

MonsterQuest then had a resident expert of the Komodo Dragon that works in a zoo. He shared that they have discovered that the Komodo Dragon female does not need a male to fertilize the eggs. She is capable of asexual reproduction, because she possesses reproductive organs of both sexes.

Wikipedia says: "Using the XY sex determination, the offspring have two X chromosomes and will be female."

Hub author: Wow! I am blown away by this fascinating discovery!

What Does This Have to do With the Bible?

Ironically enough, the Wikipedia entry makes a reference to Jesus in the Bible. It says:

"Not to be confused with the Virgin birth of Jesus, sometimes called parthenogenesis, but unlike known biological processes.

This article deals almost entirely with animal species."

Earth Eclipse


Hub Author's Commentary

I find it very interesting to read about Komodo Dragons being able to reproduce without male fertilization. Upon further independent research, I find it twice as interesting that Wikipedia has a disclaimer that this has nothing to do with the virgin birth of Jesus.

This is why I find it interesting - The most altered and modified entry on Wikipedia is the entry for evolution, which makes no distinction between man and animal. In essence, we all "evolved" this way by random chance processes, and furthermore, a moral standard cannot be applied to man since he is just another animal on this planet.

However, an alternate view (put forth by the Bible), says: God created the Earth, man and woman, and the creation containing animals, with the man as a manager and steward over creation. Man is above animals, was created with intelligence, and has an absolute moral standard.

I personally am glad that Wikipedia makes the distinction on the Parthenogenesis entry that man and animal are not one and the same. Humans obviously don't have the capability of Parthenogenesis, and never will.

The Komodo Dragon was created by God with this ability from the beginning. Everything around us - Creation - points to us that there was a Creator.

Every person was given a brain and is capable of intelligent thinking. We are also very spiritual beings, which begs the question: How's your spiritual life?

If you have not taken the time to seek God, then there is no possible way you are spiritually healthy, for He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

If you would like to know how to get started, consider reading my article series: Find Out Your Purpose in Life.


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