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Rescuing A Calf From a Deep Sinkhole

Updated on July 29, 2015

Upon investigating, by following the calf's bawl to his mom Chamious, was very surprised to find him up the coulee across the Lone Tree creek, in a deep, deep hole. It was just off a cow trail in tall grass making it camouflaged and it was easy to see how he fell in there; I almost did too. It was too far down for him to be able to get out on his own. He was too big for me to lift up that far. I had jumped down in there with him, his head was covered with dirt and mud from trying to get out, and was standing in cool mud for some time. Near panicking, I ran and got a small straw bale had stashed in calf shed nearby, which stuffing into the bottom to build up. Not enough yet, so got a spade shovel and shoveled soft dirt and shoveled more, until it was enough for him and I both to get out. 6/21-2015.


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