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Review of Secrets to Dog Training

Updated on January 16, 2015

Secrets to Dog Training (formerly named SitStayFetch) has been revamped and was officially launched on February 2, 2009. SitStayFetch has been the top selling dog training course for over four years, and it has been bought by over 217,000 dog owners world-wide. Having taken a close look at it, I understand why it has outsold all other dog training guides on the internet period!. Secrets to Dog Training promises to be even better!

Secrets to Dog Training is authored by Daniel Stevens, the highly respected and renowned dog trainer, and it includes everything that needs to be known about dog ownership. Although the 261-page manual is impressively detailed, its step-by-step format provides dog owners with straight-forward instructions on how to quickly identify and solve their dog behavior problems. It’s also full of great pictures!

All of the training methods described in the book are tried and true, having been used by Daniel Stevens in his own life as a professional dog trainer.

A 5-page table of contents lets you know from the beginning that this guide is jam-packed full of information. This guide is much more that a dog training e-book, although it is worth buying just for that section. It starts with a chapter for new dog owners (how to choose the right puppy or dog for you, where to find your puppy, breed information, vaccinations and general health, diet and nutrition, puppy-proofing your house, handling and grooming, house training, choosing your vet, etc. These are just some of the subjects covered to give you an idea of the wide range of information.

The book provides overviews and recommendations for several different training techniques including dog whispering, clicker training, head collar training, and crate training, to name just a few. Following this, common dog behavior problems e.g., barking, aggression, digging, chewing, jumping, were covered. This chapter includes several case studies which I found to be particularly informative and interesting. We all love a good story!

There is an interesting section which stresses the necessity for the dog owner to be the "alpha dog" in the household. This chapter also covers dog body language, facial expressions and vocals. The commands and various positions are clearly explained with the assistance of excellent photographs.

I've outlined just a fraction of what is covered but I'm sure you will agree that it is impressive.

I had already heard great things about this course before I actually took a look at it so had high expectations. I'm definitely of the opinion that Secrets to Dog Training is a top notch product that offers a vast amount of quality information for a very low price. It is being offered at the low price of only $39.95, which is tremendous value for such an excellent product.

This book is well-written using easily understood language. My reading experience was enhanced by the fact that the book is broken down into small chapters, making it easy to understand and follow. A wall of text can be quite overfacing!

I was glad to see that Secrets to Dog Training provides instructions for dogs of all ages in obedience training and problem behaviors. Sadly, too many dog trainers focus all of their attention on training puppies but these behavior problems don't always cease once a dog becomes an adult.

I also like the fact that the Secrets to Dog Training team offers unlimited free consultations to anyone who buys the course. Just send the team an email and they will provide you with an individual answer for your specific dog behavior problem. You'll be given a response that will be jam-packed with knowledgeable advice and practical tips.

There's no way for you to lose with Secrets to Dog Training as they offer a 60-day full guarantee.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Secrets of Dog Training course is outstanding value; however, there’s even more being offered!

When you buy the course, you will also receive an audio book and five additional e-books covering dog aggression, house training, dog grooming, security training, and secrets to becoming the alpha dog.

A new and exciting bonus being included with Secrets of Dog Training is a 30-minute downloadable video, which shows effective methods to solve those annoying dog obedience issues. It is presented by Dave Johnson, the extremely popular dog care professional, who makes it all seem so easy!

You’ve probably already gathered that I’m impressed. This guide made me very aware of just how little I understood dogs.

The material provided is extremely detailed and comprehensive, yet easily understood. This guide is useful to all dog owners, not just those with a particular problem with their dog. Much of the information in the course would be of benefit to any dog owner wanting to have the best possible relationship with his dog.

I highly recommend Secrets to Dog Training to anyone who currently owns a puppy or dog or is thinking about adopting one.


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