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Ringling Bros B&B Circus the Cruelest Show on Earth

Updated on January 17, 2016

Boycott Ringling! Help Us Stop Animal Abuse


The Truth About the Circus

Many of you may be looking for activities to do over the weekend and may have come across discounted tickets to go to the circus. The reason you are finding discounted tickets on circus acts such as the Ringling Bros B&B Circus and other acts similar to theirs that travel nationwide, is because people have learned the truth on how they treat the animals. The truth is that Ringling Bros is the cruelest show on earth. I went to a rally in Miami at The Miami Arena yesterday to speak for the animals who do not have a voice. It was sad to see people still attending these shows and bringing their children to see such cruelty. The crowds are much smaller and have been getting smaller every year but unfortunately people are still attending. One lady leaving the circus said "It was a great show and they did not beat any animals." That was probably the most ignorant remark I have ever heard in my life. Before you go to any circus that has wild animals in their acts watch the videos below. Of course the circus is NOT going to beat the animals in front of your face. Organizations such as PETA have spent years doing under cover investigative work to uncover the truth of what really goes on behind the scenes. Videos that capture trainers beating the animals and making the animals, such as elephants, perform in very uncomfortable positions. This is modern day slavery. If you beat your dog and others saw it, your dog would be taken away from you and you would probably be harassed by millions of animal lovers.

In the circus, there are many performers who choose to be there, they get paid and make a living out of their circus acts. But animals do not have that choice, they are taken from their natural habitats, torn from their mothers and beaten with force to perform acts for your two hours of entertainment. Elephants are social animals like you and I, they stay with their parents for their entire lives and travel for miles daily in search of food. With the circus they are chained up and put in cages. Imagine if we did this to humans... Why should it be ok to mistreat animals if we would never allow it to be done to humans. Again, there is a reason why tickets are so cheap for the circus now a days and it is because the truth is finally coming out. Cirque du Soleil on the other hand sells tickets at much higher prices and usually have a full house, and you want to know why? Because they have no animals involved. I have been to almost all the Cirque du Soleil shows and they are so amazing... you really end up escaping to another world and they do it in a humane way. If you want to find something fun to do with the family, take the kids to go see a play or a musical, take them to a park, try the movies, there is also the beach or a pool, take them hiking, canoeing, riding a bike through a park, there is also the everglades, museums, teach them about different cultures and force them to read a book. When they grow up to be smart, educated, cultured grown ups, they will thank you for it.

Going back to what I witnessed yesterday. In addition, I saw parents telling their children to cover their ears or to look away. Obviously they know that what we are showing them is wrong or else they would be fine with allowing their children to see the posters and hear the truth. Other parents really had no idea... they still went in but we hope they will not come back again next year. These inhumane acts don't only occur within the circus but also in aquariums such as The Miami Seaquarium, Sea World, parks that tell you to go swim with the dolphins, rides anywhere in the world that use horses, camels or elephants. Those animals are all beaten for your enjoyment. Its about time we stop being so selfish as a society and start putting in our part into making this world a better place to live for all living creatures.

Please, please educate yourself! Watch the videos and do your part in making our world a better place. Stay away from businesses that use wild animals for entertainment.

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