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Rodent Repellent - Best ultrasonic and outdoor electronic systems for Rat repeller

Updated on November 27, 2011

Rodent and Pest repeller

Rodents and Pest Repellent Systems
Rodents and Pest Repellent Systems

Looking for an Electronic or Ultrasonic Pest Repeller System?

A pest or rodent can take the form of many animals and some folk are even annoyed by the constant chirping of birds in their yards. Moles are also a critical pest to take care of as well as the local rats, mouse pest types, racoon and other nasties that drive you round the bend by constantly knocking over your trash cans and tearing up the lawn in your garden.

Well firstly, before you look through the selection of Electronic and Ultrasonic pest and rodent repellent systems below, you want to know what the difference is between an ultrasonic and an electronic pest repellent system.

We have split them up below into their two categories of an ultrasonic pest or rodent repeller and then the electronic pest or rodent repeller so that you know which to select for you home. Consideration needs to be made as to wether you need an indoor pest repeller or an outdoor pest repeller and even a pest repeller for your yard.

Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller / Repellent Systems

The Ultrasonic rodent repellent and pest repeller in conjunction with rodent cages is chosen by most folks as it is not linked into the wiring system of their home as they fear the rodents may eat the wiring to reduce the electronic hum from an electronic repeller.

The ultrasonic Rodent repeller is a device which targets the hearing levels of the rodents by high pitched frequencies which radiate throughout the home and even outdoor areas. The ultrasonic pest and rodent repeller has a longer lifespan compared to the electronic version, but the ultrasonic repeller is easier to plug into a wall socket due to its smaller size.

The ultrasonic rodent repeller system is more functional in larger areas like living rooms and garages and electronic units for kitchens and smaller rooms.

Electronic Rodent or Pest Repeller/Repellent Systems

The electronic pest repeller system functions by the use of the electrical wiring system throughout your home. The pest repeller device is plugged into the wall socket outlet and emits an electronic hum through the wiring system which is of a frequency that is irritable to the pest and rodents in your home.

The best uses of these systems has been voiced as a mouse rodent repeller and can be used in conjunction with a mouse trap to catch the mice once they leave the comfort of the wall insides. Please remember that mice and rats are mostly nocturnal and the best time to turn on the pest repeller is in the day time so that the rodent can be removed form the home once seen and then continued thereafter until they are all removed by the repeller.

Rodent cages and traps

Rodent cages and rodent traps are usually helpful if you find that the rodent you are trying to eradicate leaves the comfort of its nest in your wall or somewhere unseen and you need to catch it. Always handy to store in the garage. Nothing worse than chasing a rodent around your house crashing into things. Worth the few extra dollars.


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