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Roller Egg Nesting Boxes | Chicken Nest box | Chickens | Processing

Updated on July 17, 2013
Typical metal nesting boxes
Typical metal nesting boxes
Roller egg nesting boxes from Cottage Craft Works .com
Roller egg nesting boxes from Cottage Craft Works .com
Solid heavy galvanized metal construction
Solid heavy galvanized metal construction
Roost lifts up and then the egg tray cover opens for gathering the eggs without reaching into the nest
Roost lifts up and then the egg tray cover opens for gathering the eggs without reaching into the nest
Eggs roll forward into a wide protected nest
Eggs roll forward into a wide protected nest
Plastic coated wire mesh protects the eggs yet does not break like others just using plastic mesh
Plastic coated wire mesh protects the eggs yet does not break like others just using plastic mesh
Each roller egg nest box comes with a training egg.
Each roller egg nest box comes with a training egg.
Elevated chicken feeder saves space in small coops and keeps the chickens from wasting feed.
Elevated chicken feeder saves space in small coops and keeps the chickens from wasting feed.
Butchering cone allow hands free bleed out without being attacked by wings and claw feet
Butchering cone allow hands free bleed out without being attacked by wings and claw feet
Featherman Chicken and Poultry feather pluckers.
Featherman Chicken and Poultry feather pluckers.
Featherman Turkey Plucker
Featherman Turkey Plucker
Featherman Game Bird
Featherman Game Bird

Roller egg nesting boxes use no nesting material and protect the eggs until they can be gathered.

Unlike the typical metal nesting boxes pictured at the top, roller egg nesting boxes are designed to roll chicken eggs forward into a protected compartment.

This means that as soon as the chicken lays their eggs they roll forward and are no longer accessible to be damaged or eaten.

Many chicken eggs are damaged soon after they have been laid simply by the chickens getting up off the nest and stepping on them.

One hen that gets a taste of the egg yolk can create havoc in having available fresh eggs for days and weeks until they can be caught for the boiling pot.

Roller egg nesting boxes have revolutionize the way farms and backyard chicken growers gather and collect fresh eggs.

Their unique design by an Amish farmer and metal shop owner solves many of the challenges faced by people who are either dependent on fresh eggs for resale or for personal family use.

The chickens never sees the eggs to peck or step on them.

Egg eating chickens cannot reach them as they are under a protected metal flap.

Best of all there's no longer the need to reach into a dark nest hole and try to retrieve eggs hoping that a snake or other critter may of just entered the nest ahead of you.

The metal flap lifts open from the front of the nesting boxes to display the eggs all lined up for collection.

These roller egg nesting boxes are Amish made from 26 gauge galvanized metal for the main horizontal structure and the 16 gauge galvanized metal used for the vertical ends.

The few similar ones that are on the market use thinner gauge metals with even plastic parts.

The Amish roller egg nesting Boxes are available in two, four and eight nest models.

A general rule of thumb is to provide one nest box to handle 5-6 hens.

Nesting boxes measure 8” tall 11-1/4” wide and 11-1/2” deep. The four and eight compartment nest boxes both measure 49” wide and 17” deep.

The four compartment nest is 20” tall while the eight compartment is 35” tall.

The two compartment measures 24-1/2”wide 20” tall 17” deep.

Nest boxes come knocked down in a flat box and like a large erector set will need assembly.

They do assemble with bolts instead of rivets.

The Amish are very visual and mechanical inclined so their instructions may not always seem clear to individuals who need very step by step instructions.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the easiest, the nesting box assembly is probably a 6. The instructions might be a bit difficult for some but combined with using the various pictures on the Cottage Craft Works site as reference the assembly goes smoothly.

The roller egg nesting boxes provide several other benefits.

The open roller design requires no nesting material. The boxes come with a training egg that most chickens quickly relate to and begin using the nest box.

In training new chickens the boxes can be filled with nesting material and then gradually thinned down to no nesting material so that the eggs will be able to roll forward.

Without having the nesting material to harbor mites, lice and other pest the roller egg nesting boxes are much easier to keep pest free.

Their unique mounting system utilizing two wall cleats allows the complete nest box assembly to be simply lifted off the wall and taken outside the coop to power wash and disinfect.

Price point they are an initial investment but compared to other non roller egg nest boxes made of thinner materials these Amish made roller egg boxes are very reasonable.

Amish products are made in small family owned shops mostly located next to their homes.

The Amish just don’t have to pass on all the overhead cost on to their customers as other larger corporate owned factories.

This hands on approach by the actual owners is one reason that Amish made products are of such high quality.

The Amish also make such things as the nesting boxes for their own use and neighbors, so they use thicker metals and materials to build things to last a very long time.

This is the type of materials that were used in the early to mid 1900s to make American made products before everything got watered down and production facilities were moved out of the US.

With the price of new wood and the time to cut the parts, these metal nesting boxes just might be as cost effective.

You will gain so many other benefits over trying to duplicate a roller egg nest box from wood.

Cottage Craft Works is an online store that specializes in high quality durable Amish made products.

The owners have taken great efforts to go deep into the Amish communities and find products like these nesting boxes and bring them into the general market place for others to enjoy.

Many of the products are unique and exclusive, so they won’t be found anywhere else on the Internet.

Other Amish carried chicken and poultry products include an elevated feeder with roost.

This keeps the feed tray up above the coop floor so that the chickens don’t mess and waste it.

The elevated feeder also provides more space for the chickens in a small coop.

Butchering cones are also made from galvanized metal, and feature a hanger that fits perfect on a ¾” wide fence post.

These butchering cones allow the chicken to hang upside down for a complete bleed out while keeping the wings and claws away from you while processing.

For larger and small commercial operations Cottage Craft Works also has the Featherman Chicken Pluckers which quickly will remove the feathers for a clean bird.

This type of feather plucker is probably the fastest and cleanest way to deal with the chore of plucking out the feathers before the chicken meat can be further processed.

As soon as the bird is let to bleed out they are dunked into scalding hot water to loosen up the feathers.

The Fratherman Plucker has a rotating center that spins the birds around against rubber fingers mounted all around the tub.

A garden hose is hooked to the front. As the water forms a vortex inside the tub the spinning and outward water carrying the feathers are discharged into a bucket on the back side.

Models are available for turkeys and even game birds. The Featherman pluckers are commercial grade and can actually be rented out.

Just like times in the early 1900s when people joined together and shared in the butchering and processing of large batches of food for winter storage, the Amish still gather to butcher and process chickens, turkey and other poultry.

They either pitch in together as a group and purchased a Featherman Plucker or they rent them from other Amish groups.

You can find the roller egg nesting boxes, raised feeder, butchering cone and Featherman Pluckers at

Click on the Farm and Garden Tab and then Chicken Coop & Nest.


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