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Rooster Beware!

Updated on August 2, 2014
The Giri Raja Breed Of Rooster Attacks Humans
The Giri Raja Breed Of Rooster Attacks Humans

I thought roosters only say cock-a-doodle-doo in the mornings.

I thought roosters are generally gentle and keep to themselves.

I thought roosters leave female ducks alone.


The rooster on our farm cock-a-doodles whenever he hears me (and that’s usually not in the mornings) and he’ll even charge at you and dig his talons into you when you’re not looking.

Roosters Can Be Aggressive
Roosters Can Be Aggressive

The Giri Raja Rooster Breed

They say it’s because of his ‘Giri Raja’ killer instinct that makes roosters of his kind winners in cock fights staged in villages. I think we human beings are corrupting even the animal world with our lust for bloodshed.

You’ll never know the rooster is at your heels till you suddenly hear a flapping noise and turn around to see him waddling towards you at great speed. He really sneaks up behind you. The last time he did that to me (and he’s attacked those who live on the farm too), I took my shoe off and threw it at him. It hit him with a thump, but he came right back for more, neck feathers bristling with indignation. I threw my other shoe at him. Then my sock. Then my other sock. Then my jacket. But he kept charging and trying to fly at me.

My Adorable Protective Dog Rasputin With Admirers
My Adorable Protective Dog Rasputin With Admirers | Source

My Dog Rasputin Protects Me

I was about to take my shirt off when my screams brought my four loyal city dogs to the rescue. They chased the cackling creature all over the farm and pulled out some of his feathers too. Animal lover that I am, I prevented them from pulling out anything else. (Rasputin of the white whiskers on black and the long white beard looked lovably droll with those feathers sticking out of his mouth! He’s a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Lhasa Apso and reminds one strongly of the Beast in‘Beauty and the Beast’. I call him my shadow dog because he’s always with me and I have to ask him not to come to the loo with me too.)

A Wiser Rooster

Now the rooster waddles off at top speed in the opposite direction whenever he sees me coming. But he still cock-a-doodles at the sound of my voice. And where his running after the female duck on our farm is concerned, he still does it and the duck even lays duck-hen eggs as a result. We tried providing him with a harem of hens, but he still prefers the duck. I wonder if it’s because he’s a ‘Giri Raja’ –‘Raja’ is ‘King’ in Hindi.


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    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Interesting story grand old lady! Your brother treated the roosters like pet dogs. I didn't know you could stop a rooster that way but I wouldn't have tried! Yes, thank God for my dog.

      Theophanes - this particilar breed is used in cock fights. Thanks for the comment.

    • Theophanes profile image

      Theophanes 3 years ago from New England

      Aggressive roosters around here end up as dinner. We've ended up with very docile roosters since employing this policy. ;)

      Our "game" breeds here are usually extremely people friendly - they're just not rooster friendly! But it's not legal to fight them. Maybe yours was raised with ducks and think he is one?

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      This is the first time I learned of the rooster's instinct to attack people. I laughed when you threw your shoes at roosters. My brother used to have roosters but he kept them tied, but they had walking times. Once two roosters fought, and my sister used a slipper which only made it worse. The way to stop it is to pull it from the tail. But that would have been difficult for you considering it was getting at you. Thank God for your dogs. Guess the rooster learned a lesson.