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Rottweiler Tails or Not

Updated on August 30, 2011

Rottweilers Tail or Not

As a tail pro choice believer I think we should be allowed to leave tails on puppies or dock whichever we prefer. In this country we should be able to make that decision on our own pups. We let PETA and the HSUS have way to much power by fighting amongst ourselves on this subject. It is a shame that this magnificent breed is in a battle over tails.

I think that as a true rottweiler lover and owner and having both tailed and docked dogs. A tail isn't the real issue here. I think that the biggest problem with the tail of a rottweiler and the rottweiler world in the united states is the thought of these imported and non imported tailed dogs being of better specimen than what has been produced here in the united states for the past decade. I think that fear of being beaten is what drives the issue to the point of judges refusing to put up these dogs for points in the AKC ring. Now mind you this is only my personal opinion.

The AKC doesn't care if the dogs have tails or are docked. I know that they have revised the rules so that a tailed dog has to be gone over in the show ring and exhibited just like every other exhibitor. Does this mean that judges who are anti tail will put them up? No they wont they would rather put up a lesser dog who is docked than to put up a better tailed specimen. We need to boycott these types of judges. The Champion in front of the AKC name just doesn't have the merit that it used to. One thing I have learned over the years is that money can buy a lot of things.

What will happen in a few years when we are no longer allowed to dock tails or crop ears on any breed of dog. I have heard so many rottweiler owners say that If I can't dock my puppies anymore than I will no longer own a rottweiler. To me these people are not true lovers of this breed. To think that a tail makes that much of a difference. If it isn't a rottweiler until you dock the tail then what is it? I think we will find that the tail set on a lot of the american bred dogs will be wrong with what the standard calls for. I know that they are no longer teaching the art of docking or cropping in veterinarian schools now.

We as Rottweiler lovers and owners need to get our heads out of the tails and be more in tune with other and bigger issues that plague our breed. Such as BSL, and the adding of more and more anti dog owner legislation and health issues such as Cancer for one. Lets wake up and put forth effort into things that really need it. Not the back end of a Rottweiler.


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    • Ritzygirl profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island

      Great article very well put, personally I love tails and believe it does not change the breed in any way shape or form. All Rottweilers should be judged fairly and treated equal in the show ring. "-)


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