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Rottweiler - the Whole Truth About This Breed

Updated on July 1, 2019
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Who sees face, does not see heart. If we could sum up the Rottweiler dog in one sentence, that would be it. And the explanation is simple: these puppies, when well educated, are much more than a nervous feature of an already characteristic, protective dog.

Exceptional guardians, Rottweilers are used, by most of their tutors, to protect the environment, whatever it may be. And it fulfills this role like no other dog. However, those who prefer to educate them very early with a lot of love, will have a dog that gives back all this affection.

Physical condition

Developed for work, dogs of this breed are extremely active and territorial. Therefore, it is common to see them as police guides, top competitors, excellent guardians and any other service that is assigned to them.

Due to their size, they tend to eat a lot. Therefore, it is up to the tutor to determine the ideal amount of ration and to make daily walks with his dog to avoid being overweight. Activities that require intelligence will best develop the full potential of the pet, and prevent it from getting bored.


In addition to the serious features, the Rottweiler possesses incredible strength. To get an idea, his bite is stronger than that of dogs recognized by his strength, such as the German Shepherd and the Pitbull. Experts point to the size of the head as the key to strength, the greater, the stronger the bite.

A dog named Jake, just two years old, on a routine walk with his guardian, heard strange noises in a scrub and there found a woman being coerced by a man. Jake expelled the assailant and protected the victim and his guardian until the arrival of the police. In recognition of his bravery, Jake won a medal from the local police.

The preferred

Will Smith is a big fan of breed dogs. The actor currently has five Rottweilers in the family, and whoever accompanies him on social networks may have noticed how beautiful and great pets are.


As with other breeds, there are controversies regarding the origin of the Rottweiler. From Germany, for some experts, they are descendants of the Bavarian Cowherd. The other theory is that the breed emerged after crossing the Mastiff with the German Shepherd.

The origin of the name of the animal was due to the popularity that the breed gained in the city of Rottweil, Germany. There, a town recognized for being a large butchers' pole, the dog was called the Rottweiler metzgerhund (dog butcher) for being used to pull the carts out of meats.

Before World War I, the Rottweiler was already used to protect the German army. However, with the fuse of the two Great Wars, it was again used by the military for work. However, only 21 years after the end of World War II, in 1966, the breed was definitely recognized.

Attached to work since always, the Rottweiler has also been known to be an excellent herding dog. Because of their strength, the farmers used the dog to control and herd the cattle herds in Germany.

The descendants of the Rottweiler

The use of sheep herding dogs has always been very common in Britain, resulting in the breeding of different breeds for the function. However, most dogs were difficult to train and would make a lot of noise or attack the creations. This difficulty made farmers in the area often seek out dogs with more adapted skills.

In 1873 the first championship of shepherd dogs was held, in order to find the ideal breed. The Hemp dog stood out in the contest for the ease in intimidating the sheep without having to bark or bite them. As a result, in a short time, several descendants began to appear.

Physical characteristics

Just look for a Rottweiler to realize its key features. Robust, they are extremely agile, powerful and resistant dogs. Its facial region is wider than rounded, with a large black muzzle. Your dental arch is made up of 42 teeth and an incredible force.

The coat of the Rottweiler is formed by fur and a undercoat cover. This second is of medium length, dense, rough and seated. The hair is longer in the posterior region. The color of the dog is always black with some markings in the color brown.


The personality of the Rottweilers is directly linked to the education they receive. If it is created for the work of fierce guardian, it will be exactly like this. Hearing any strange noise, will try to protect the territory and its guardian.

Now, if it is very early to be close to other people and dogs, it will never attack them. In addition, they are also excellent companion dogs, loving and attached to their tutors, some tend to be a little clumsy.


As we have already said, everything that involves your partner will depend directly on the education given to him. Rottweilers are like children, they are based on what they listen, observe and coexist. Therefore, the dog's coexistence will depend solely on the choices made by the tutors.

For those who think that they do not get along with children, this is not true. Those who are in early contact with the little ones will get along very well with them, even the most serious dogs.


It's hard to picture a Rottweiler playing with a feline in the yard, do you agree? But believe me, it is possible. When raised together since childhood, pets can get on very well throughout their lives. Now, if you already have an adult dog and decide to have a pussy at home, it is important to start some dressage care.

In the 9th position in the canine intelligence ranking made by Dr. Stanley Coren, the Rottweiler is among the most intelligent breeds in the world and will obey without much work. This training is essential to have a sociable pet at home.



With their characteristic double coat, the hairs of the Rottweilers fall during the whole year, most of the time, in a moderate way. To prevent your house from getting full of hair, it is recommended to brush your partner daily, or at least every other day.

To facilitate, use specific products for the Rottweiler coat, including brushes designed for their hair style.


It is very common for dogs of this breed to be outdoors, largely because of their size and sometimes because of their vocation to work. Because of this, taking care of his hygiene is extremely important and must be closely monitored by tutors.

Infestation by parasites, for example, can be a problem. In addition, periodically, according to what has been indicated by the veterinarian, give baths in the animal. Remember: always use dog-specific products, preferably for short and dark fur.


The main problem in the mouth region of most breeds is tartar. To prevent it from appearing on your Rottweiler, it is important to worry about brushing your teeth to maintain good oral health. Always remember to use specific products for dogs.


As we have already mentioned, it is a very active dog. Therefore, it is very important that, periodically, the tutor cuts the nails of the animal. This is because, when they are very large, they may end up trapped in some places or the pet itself may end up injuring itself by scratching itself.

Rottweiler Health Care

Rottweilers are extremely healthy animals. However, like other breeds, they have some predispositions to diseases that must be closely monitored by tutors and by a veterinarian.

Among the main problems are: hip dysplasia, which usually appears more frequently as they age; dysplasia in the elbow, which is caused by poor formation of this limb; genetic problems in the heart, among others. If you notice something strange about your pet, take it for an appointment.


Just like any other dog, there is nothing better than offering rations specific to the breed, size and age of our companions. Following this initial tip, tutors will provide excellent daily meals and a greater perspective of life to the pet, in addition to avoiding illness.

Another important tip as to the best ration for Rottweiler is the amount of food that should be served. This portion varies according to the size, age and physical disposition of the animal, so it is up to the tutor to talk with a veterinarian to indicate the appropriate amount.

Side dish

In addition to helping in the doubts about the feeding of your Rottweiler, it is essential to have the follow-up of a veterinarian of your confidence throughout your partner's life. This means that guardians should not take pets to the veterinary clinic only when they notice an apparent problem, but periodically.

So, in addition to treating, experts can help prevent new diseases in your buddy, performing tests when necessary. By following all these tips, your pet's welfare will be guaranteed.


Thinking about adopting a Rottweiler puppy? Do not waste time. But first, let's look at some important care so that the animal's adaptations with the new home and new family are made properly.

A first caution is to get you to take all the vaccines correctly and, from an early age, choose a ration for puppy or puppy-specific size. Thus, the development of small will be done correctly. And, finally, start educating your Rottweiler from the first day at home.


About the Race

Many tutors ask how to train a Rottweiler on account of their fame as nervous. However, as we have said, despite the brave face, the rabid behavior of the Rottweilers is directly linked to the education he receives at home. Therefore, it is up to the tutors to initiate the training and the socialization of the puppy since the arrival of the pet.


To help with this task, tutors can use tricks that teach obedience commands to puppies, such as throwing an object for them to retrieve. The use of snacks can be a great ally, gracing it when you do what you asked for. However, it is important to know how much to not overweight the animal.


Your Rottweiler's behavior in the future only depends on the education he receives as a puppy.

Aggressiveness is directly linked to aggressive education. Treat him with affection and love, and he will be a docile dog but at the same time protective.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

To the next!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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