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Safe In His Arms

Updated on November 5, 2011

Lessons From a Kitten

For years, we lived without a cat. I'm a cat lover, and a porch without a cat is a lonely thing, to my way of thinking. Most of those years were spent with a dog who ruled our yard and wouldn't allow cats on his turf. After we had to have our old friend put down, I again felt an urge to be a cat owner.

Last summer, our son brought his cat to me when he was getting ready to move to a non cat-friendly area. My sons are not cat lovers because, like their daddy, they hate cat-tracks on their vehicles. But like their mama, they can't turn down a needy animal, and this cat had adopted him. So he had fed her and taken care of her until he moved - then he brought her to live with us.

Now, as any cat person knows, people don't adopt cats. Cats adopt people. If they deem you worthy of their affection, after careful scrutiny, they may allow you to take care of them. Anyway, in the months since then...this pretty yellow cat has proudly presented us with 3 litters of kittens...the first of which she allowed me to witness and play midwife with on Halloween of last year. Another litter followed on Easter Sunday...and then another on my sister-in-law's birthday in September. Yes, she likes special days. We live on what used to be my family space isn't a problem. The cats know they own it all.

The point of my story...the other day as I was sitting on the deck and loving on one of her youngest batch of babies...I had an epiphany. This baby was spitting and meowing and was obviously afraid that I had some terrible plan for its fate. What it did not know, and had no way of knowing, was that it was perfectly safe in my arms. I would never and have never purposely hurt a defenseless animal...and would actually fight to keep it safe.

As I sat there reflecting on that, I realized that I am exactly like that little kitten. I cry and whine, I get afraid of what might be coming. But then I remember that the God of the universe is holding me in the palm of His hand and that He has plans for my good and not harm. His Word promises that.

And like that kitten is safe in my arms - I can rest in the care of my God..and know that nothing is going to happen to me that is not in His plan for my good.


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