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Saluki Dog

Updated on April 19, 2014

Think in it!


"Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. The pain is the same for them and for us. Maybe worse, because they can not help themselves".
Dr. Louis J. Camuti




Saluki - "El Hor"

This magnificent and elegant breed is well known for its speed and agility. The Saluki, unlike most dogs, hunting by sight and not by smell. He can hunt any animal species thanks to its acceleration in the race.

Quiet, sensitive and affectionate, is a good companion who loves children. Very reserved about strangers, is an effective guard dog. Its easy education should be taken lightly.

It can be stated that the Saluki is the oldest breed of domestic dogs because there are records of its existence in Egyptian tombs dating back thousands of years before Christ. This is the only breed accepted by Islam, which considers it a gift from Allah, so the Saluki is called El Hor, which means "The Noble". Popular in Iran, a country which credits its origin as well as the rest of the Middle East and Asia, the Saluki is not widespread in other parts of the world. The only breed arrived in the West in the nineteenth century.


The Salukis is pretty, exotic and witty. They are clean, they do not free very for and they call much attention when walking for the neighborhood. Its appearance is not nothing common, long and fine legs and hopped back showing the ribs, appearance this that cause astonishment to that they do not know the race, already for admirers the differentiated transport and the unquestioned air of nobility and elegance are its attractive ones.

They adore the comfort and to sleep in beds or sofas is its favorite pastime, does not like to sleep in the soil.

The Salukis is hunting with thousand of years of experience. Of average transport, strong and independent temperament is dogs with peculiar characteristics. They do not like many we affects and they do not take care of to the calls or orders of any one, not to be that something when them interest. They will run behind any thing that if moves, therefore are not trustworthy to be without collar, moreover, they are very fast e difficult to catch.

They are the creatures more amiable than it exists, enter in its life and if they become very important. Although not to prove the all instant, the Salukis are very on to its owners. For being very sensible, they do not tolerate aggressive rebukes very.

The manifestations of affection last seconds, seem that they do not appreciate intense physical contact, the most that make are to shake the tail. They still can, to rub the head quickly or leans-there in the owner as affection form.

With an adjusted training, the majority of the Salukis can learn to walk next to the owner, perhaps but you it does not get to catch it if to come another animal.

The Saluki is very intelligent, however it is an independent and extremely instinctive dog. The dog education must, without a doubt, be differentiated for this race. One becomes necessary patience and a little of good mood. The dog generally understands the order given, but it does not understand because to make what you it ordered. Although the difficulties, a Saluki are very smart and can be trained, either in obedience or agility.


The Persian poets said that the Salukis was “old as the time and fast as the instant ". This because the Saluki, considered the Real Dog of the Egypt, either perhaps oldest of the races domesticated, with distinct characteristics since 329 B.C., when Alexander, the Great one, invaded India. They say until these dogs are so old how much most remote of the civilizations. They descend, probably, of the old Egyptian Hunter Hare; animal fellow creatures to the Saluki had been found mummified in 2100 Egyptian tombs of B.C.

The Salukis is considered by many as one of the races oldest of the world. Its origin, its geographic localization, its age and its ancestral ones are all evolved in mysteries and legends. They have been associates to the Middle East since the seniority and since daily pay-history they are used in the hunting. The habitat of the Salukis understood all the region of the Sea Caspio to the Saara, including Egypt, Arabia, Palestine, Syrian, Mesopotamia and Persia.

The first visual registers of the race are of more than 5 a thousand years, in many archaeological small farms in the Middle East. Old images of Salukis had been found in tombs, stamps, mosaics and objects caretakers.

The Saluki occupied an only place in the life of its Arab owners. An Arab legend said that, in accordance with the Koran (sacred book of the Islamism), other dogs are considered dirty, impure and they do not have to be touched, but the Saluki is allowed inside of the tents of the nomads and dwellings of sheiks, being considered a true gift of Section. It could not be sold, nor changed, for when that contrary, the person would be cursed. When a youngling was born with a white spot in the head (like lips), consider-in doubly blessed, the mark was “the kiss of Section”. The dog had the privilege to sleep inside of the tent next to sheiks. It enters the ethnic groups of Bedouins, when a female had many younglings, it was custom of these peoples who the wives of the heads of the tribe were obliged to help the dogs to suckle them.

The word Saluki, proceeding from Saluki, a disappeared Arab city, comes of the classic Arab and means El Hor (the Nobleman). The dog received as many cares how much the famous Arab horses. For the Egyptian nobility it was a valuable and admired company. Also they were mummified with pharaohs.

The race alone arrived at the West in century XIX. The dogs had been taken for England in 1840 and had been known as Greyhounds Persian, but the interest for the race alone appeared in 1895, when Florence Amherts imported units of Arabia, proceeding from kennels of the prince Abdullah, of the Transjordan.

The style of hunting used for the Salukis is for the vision. They are admired until today and continue to be valued and to be used in the hunting of gazelles, rabbits, foxes and some birds.

It side by side remains with its owner as pleasure source, stating beauty in its athletic appearance.


The Salukis does not need cares special. A garden surrounded with a wall of, at least, two meters of height is recommended; they jump with much easiness. It must be ready to walk always with the dog and to find an area safe to free it in the one intention jog to regulate. If it does not have to take a walk without collar, therefore they will run behind any thing that if moves.

The average of life of the Salukis is of 14 years of age. The biggest cause of death of the Salukis young in the cities is the cars, simply does not see them when they are with the attention directed toward other things.

Some ancestries of this race present cardiomyopathy, a bad functioning of the heart that causes fatigue, loss of weight and death. It does not have cure, only palliative treatment, as to manage remedies to increase the vigor of the cardiac, diuretics beatings and a diet with little salt, so that the dog survives better and for more time. It also points the hypothyroidism (anomaly of the gland thyroid) as frequent in the race that cause loss of for, low the physical activity, blackout and thickening of the skin and is dealt with hormones. It advises to only mate the race after the 3 years, therefore before this it is difficult to detect if the dog has cardiac or hormonal problems.

As all good athletes, the Saluki also possesses a cardiac frequency normally lower and little corporal fat. Thus, care with the dosages of anesthesia must be had, if that it is necessary to give it the surgery, because it can be fatal.

The Salukis can react of abnormal and dangerous form to some medicines, especially sulfas and anesthetics. She is necessary to certify itself of that the veterinarian knows the particularities of the Greyhounds, especially of the Salukis.

The Saluki has trend to the tartar, and the teeth must be brushed since foundling with the biggest possible frequency, and to give bones to gnaw they help in the one in the cleanness.

The excessively well-taken care of ones are of hygiene. When necessary banns and weekly cleanness of the ears. How much to the brushing, a tip is to pass a brush of soft bristles in the fringes and gloves of rubber in the remaining part of the body.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - the general appearance of this race must give to the impression of fun and symmetry, of great speed and resistance, combining force and activity.

Variety of for the short one - the terms must be the same ones, with exception of the pelage, that does not have fringes.

TEMPERAMENT/BEHAVIOR - reserved with strangers, without being nervous or aggressive. Worthy, intelligent and independent.


SKIN - (standard does not comment).

For - the soft one and with a silky texture, fringes in the members and the back part of the thighs, fringes in the throat in adult dogs. foundlings can have fast fringes in the thighs and the shoulders. The variety of for the short one does not have fringes.

COLOR - white, isabela (caramel), beige, golden, red, gray and chestnut, tricolor (white, black and chestnut), black color and chestnut and all the variations of these colors.

SIZE - height in withers: males 22,83 – 27,95 inches and females, proportionally, minors.

- length: (standard does not comment).

- weight: (standard does not comment).

HEAD - long and narrow, in set showing nobility.

Skull - moderately wide between the ears, it does not have to be rounded off.

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Saluki Playing "Football"


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      8 years ago from carthage ill

      first class pet hub thanks I enjoyed reading


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