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Sam & Bosley, the best roommates

Updated on June 13, 2012

Sam & Bosley, my roommates

It was not until college that I shared a room with anyone besides Sam. And I will, even after all of my roommates in college, say Sam remains the best roommate I’ve ever had.

A few years ago, it was decided that because of the amount of time Bosley spent in my room, that he would sleep in my room too. Before that, he slept in a dog cage because he would do his business when and where he wanted to. He never seemed to mind the cage, so it worked out for all of us. But, once it became clear that he’d let us know when he had to do his business, he moved into my room.

I love watching them both sleep. They remind me of babies because they are so gentle and innocent looking when they sleep. Bosley is so loveable when he’s tired and ready for bed. Sam, however, she’s always loveable. She’ll give you all the attention you need, if you want it, even if you don’t really.

When it comes to comfort, only Sam knows what she wants. She will take her time to ensure she is content with her bed. Whereas Bosley could care less. If he didn’t have a bed, he’d probably be fine just sleeping on the floor. Neither of their beds are anything special, but they’re dog beds. But with Sam, she’ll paw it, push it around and then to get comfortable she stands in the middle of the bed and does little circles to comfortably position herself. For a dog her size, I find it quite surprising, with her long, lanky legs, how curled up she can get. Whereas Bosley just lies anywhere on his bed. He’ll sometimes lie on his back, his stomach, but more often on his side. I don’t think he could curl up like Sam because of his body structure. She squishes the bed so much, that often times, part of her body hangs off. Whatever works for her, is all that matters.

We all know that people dream and talk in their sleep. I don’t know why, but I was surprised to learn that dogs do too. Bosley tends to dream more than Sam. When awake, it’s entertaining how he’ll act like a fierce dog, when he’s really not. And it’s even funnier, when he acts tough when he’s sleeping. In reality, I doubt he knows how to bite his flees. Yet, you couldn’t tell that by listening to him in his sleep. Sometimes, his legs will even move, as if he’s attempting to chase something.

Sam rarely dreams and if she does, it’s a lot quieter than Bosley’s dream. Through the years, I think she’s become oblivious to my hours and the sounds and lights that come with them. Whereas Bosley will hide under the bed or desk until the lights are out. I just find it amazing how accepting and tolerant dogs are. Like every hub I’ve written, dogs just want love and it’s obvious because they accept our unintentional disregard for their feelings or thoughts.

Sam doesn’t bark and so I’m impressed that she figured out how to wake me when she has business to take care of. She’ll come to the side of my bed and shake and because of her dog tags clanging, it wakes me. She’s so intelligent.

As for Bosley, well…he’s not as quiet as Sam and his form of communication is usually through barking, with occasional growls. If he thinks he hears a noise, at any random point, he’ll growl. It reminds me of the girl who cried wolf. Because of the continuous, randomness of his growling, I don’t take them seriously. And he rarely actually moves to check on anything. I think that’s in part because the noises are most likely in his head. Either way, I love them both so it’s all good.



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