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Sam - My Copilot

Updated on August 26, 2012

There are numerous reasons why, dogs are such magnificent animals. Besides the obvious that they are man’s best friend, there’s also the fact that they make for great copilots. Just as Sam has done for the past nine years, since I first started driving.

It’s interesting to see the little things that the dogs pick up on. Like simple signals or basic words and phrases. And one such phrase, that Sam quickly learned and loved was “Sam do you want to go for a ride?” Or even, just the word “ride.” She would get very excited, her tail would wag a mile-a-minute and she would even cry sometimes. It was adorable watching her run around, excited, because she had no idea where we were going and she didn’t care. She just wanted to get out of the house. She still responds the same way, but the rides are less frequent now.

I will never forget the day when I asked her if she “wanted to go on a ride” and after I let her out, to do her business, I couldn’t find her. I still had some things to take care of, and so letting her finish her business while I was in the house, was nothing new. But when I locked the door and I couldn’t find her, I was scared.

We live on the corner of two not-so-busy roads, but she was nowhere in sight. There’s very little traffic and even fewer people, so where was she? I walked around the yard, several times, yelling her name and nothing. Then...I remembered, earlier in the day, I had opened the car windows, so the car would be cooler. So, maybe she was waiting for me near the car? But, when I approached the car, she wasn’t there. I was terrified, where was she? Then, by chance, I looked in the car and who was cowering in her seat? I couldn’t believe it; Sam had jumped through the window. I was astounded and greatly relieved. She knew she was wrong, but I didn’t care. Instead, I was in hysterics, laughing, because it was such a surprise and something I had never imagined her doing.

That happened probably six years ago and since then, Sam has continued to be my copilot. She was even with me, when I crashed my first car, and if I thought she wouldn’t have problems getting into my Jeep, I know she would continue to be my copilot anytime I asked. All I need to say is, “Sam, do you want to go for a ride?”

Sam - Waiting to go for a ride
Sam - Waiting to go for a ride


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