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Sam and Bosley – Just a little indecisive

Updated on June 19, 2013

Sam and Bosley – Just a little indecisive

Its 2:30 in the morning and after hours of sleeping, Sam just got up, shook, which I think is to adjust her collar and repositioned her bed. She has done that for years and I never thought anything of it. But earlier in the night, with only the hallway light on, she went downstairs and got herself a drink. She’s been doing that more lately and I don’t know why, but it had me thinking how, between Sam and Bosley whenever they want something, they go for it. They’re rarely indecisive and I think that’s an admirable trait.

Consider when they have to do their business. A long time ago, Sam figured out an ingenious way to wake me, by standing next to my bed and shaking. By shaking, her dog tags clang and I wake up. And so when she was a puppy she was trained to do her business in a certain area of the yard. So now, she just goes and does it. She doesn’t worry about the weather conditions or who is around. She just does it. Whereas Bosley, he’s fussier with the weather, and he has to pick and choose which bush, stump or porch post he needs to aim for. So I guess he is a bit indecisive. But still, he doesn’t care; he just does it because it needs to get done.

As for food…well, before Bosley joined the family, Sam was definitely selective because she was above dog food. She thought she only deserved the best, which meant people food. Whereas Bosley, he’d eat wood if he thought it was food. I have yet to see him turn any kind of food away. I can’t help but consider how, they will nag the family until the food is put into their dishes because, well, they know what they want. They never seem to care about the water, but the food is extremely important. They’re on a schedule because every night, between five and six they must eat. They’re on more of a schedule then me. I could understand this, if they didn’t get random food scrapes during the day, but between five and six, it is dinner for them, no questions asked.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s a purebred, but there are people foods that don’t agree with Bosley. Meat being a huge item, if he is given any, it’s only a sampling in comparison to what Sam is given. That’s not to tease him, but for some reason, his system doesn’t allow him to eat it. There are other foods too, but that one surprises me the most, considering he’s a distance relative of the wolf. I think it’s really fascinating to think that they’re both relatives of such beautiful creatures who aren’t dependent on people.

Sam has never been into playing. When she was younger I tried, but I’d throw a ball and she’d look at me like, “what do you want me to do?” But Bosley, he’ll nudge me or bring me a toy whenever he wants to play. He’ll go to his toy basket and choose which toy best fits his mood. It’s a riot when we’re playing and he just stops because he either wants a drink or he had enough. Then, he’ll just lie down, anywhere. He doesn’t care. The other day we went for a walk, on a back road that has little traffic and although it was warm, it wasn’t deathly hot, but he acted like it was. So, we were probably 15 minutes into our walk and he just stopped and laid down, in the middle of the road. I was in hysterics because it was so random. He gave me no sign because he kept the same pace and then he just decided to stop and lie down. So it was obvious that he also wanted a drink, so I gave him some water. He appreciated it.

There’s also the times when he wants his back scratched, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll position himself right near your hand so you can scratch right where he wants. Sam is the same when it comes to her belly being scratched. She won’t nudge you because she’s a bit more polite. But if I’m sitting on the floor, she has no problem trying to sit in my lap, like she did as a puppy.

Sam has always known what she wanted when it comes to comfort. No matter where she’s lying, she may take a few minutes to comfortably position herself, but only she knows what she wants. She has always loved the sun and she will do what she can to lie in it. Whether a sun spot in the house or if she could, on the porch, she’ll lie in.

Their lives revolve around the family’s, but when they want something, you know it and I think that’s pretty cool. They’re really an example of making the best of the situation by not worrying about the small details of life and just going with what you want.

Sam Sunbathing

Bosley decided he needed to rest


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