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San Diego Pet Adoption - Adopt a Pet

Updated on December 23, 2011

Adopting a pet is a noble move and one that is much needed. Every single day hundreds of pets are abandoned, abused, neglected and relinquished by owners who no longer want or are no longer able to care for them. If you are looking for a pet - consider an animal rescue or animal shelter - this move could help save a life.

San Diego Pet Adoption - Humane Society & SPCA

The humane society offers respite for homeless and abandoned animals throughout the San Diego area. With the number of animals left uncared for there is always a lot of purrfect and mans best friends to choose from. Each and every one of these dogs and cats deserve a second chance at life and place to call home and if you choose to adopt a dog or cat through them you will be providing these animals that second chance that they deserve. If you are only interested in adopting certain dog breeds or cat breeds they also partner up with other rescues and organizations that may have exactly the breed you are looking for.

However, even if you are only interested in certain breeds still check out the furry friends in the main area of the humane society as you just never know when or how you'll meet your perfect companion.

The main San Diego pet adoption location for the humane society and SPCA can be found at:

5500 Gaines Street

San Diego, CA 92110

San Diego Pet Adoption Online

You have access online to hundreds of pictures of cats, dogs, horses and more that are just waiting for a family to call their own. If time is scarce and you are wanting to save some time or merely see what is available in the rescues and shelters closest to you- then browsing through these needy animals online may be a good option for you. offers an easily navigatable site that allows you to narrow down what exactly you are searching for in an adoptable pet. Your choices include but are not limited to: dog breed, cat breed, horses, other, sex of animal, location, age and color. Once you have specified your search criteria you are then presented with an array of pictures that provide the name given by animal shelter and information regarding the rescue and animals pictured. You can also search for a list of animal rescues near you if you would rather set up an appointment to see the animals as not all animals are typically listed. is another great online resource for those looking to adopt a pet. This site offers the same as above but also provides other great resources to you as a potential pet owner.


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