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Save Money Make Homemade Bird Toys

Updated on March 9, 2011

Bird Toys

If you have birds, especially large birds, you know that toys are very important. However they are very expensive as well.

Also, birds can go through toys in a matter of days even if they are good quality.

So what do you do to save money on bird toys?

How about making them yourself?


If you have birds you should know the importance of using safe materials which are non-toxic and that will not harm your birds.

There are specific things that are toxic to birds, but that would be safe for say a human baby so you may want to do further research.

Most natural ropes are fine for birds, you don't want any "plastic" ropes or ropes that are treated with anything.

Many child-safe products are fine for birds, such as kid's building blocks just be sure they are non-toxic and natural.

As far as wood goes, stay away from anything that is P.T.(pressure treated) you only want natural woods.

Most fabrics are safe for bird toys, again make sure they are not treated with toxic materials.

Cardboard that does not have any tape, glue, marker, ink, etc. on it is safe for birds to chew.

To hang toys you should not use any clips/clasps that are spring loaded such as "lobster claws" or "climbing hooks/clips." Also do not use key chain rings. Birds can get there feet or beaks stuck in clips like those. Use "S-Hooks" or the non-spring loaded hooks that screw closed.

Types Of Toys

There are many different types of bird toys that you can make for different types of birds. 

Some birds love to chew, some love to eat, some love to ring, and more.

Every birds has their own characteristics which you will learn if you don't already know.

Here's some different types of bird toys you can make...

Non Destructive Toys

These are toys that can not be easily "ruined."

Such as:

Hang a bell on a piece of rope, very simple and a lot of fun.

Edible Toys

These are made out of edible materials such as macaroni.

Be creative with this, you can cook or bake up some ideas for this one.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a lot of fun for a bird. These are toys that they can chew and shred to pieces.

Chew toys can be made out of multiple materials, like wood and rope.

Some easy chew toys to make:

Drill holes through some pieces of wood and run string/rope through each piece and hang in their cage.

Tie different colored fabrics together and hang in cage.

Refillable Toys

I call these refillable because the main part of the toy is indestructible and the chew part of the toy is "refillable."

A great idea of this is...

Bend a metal bar(maybe a coat hanger) in a "U" shape and drill holes into child's blocks and fill the "U" with the wooden blocks. Your bird will love chewing the wooden blocks off of the metal bar and you can add more blocks as they disappear.


Make sure you create fun toys for your birds that are safe as well.

Be creative with what you make and build smart as well. Make toys that can be reused or refilled.

Make sure that all materials are safe. Most natural materials are fine for birds.

Be sure everything is non-toxic.

Have fun!


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    • profile image

      krisia 5 years ago

      My parakeets love colorful things and these toys are great for them.

    • Ding.A.Ling123 profile image

      Ding.A.Ling123 6 years ago

      Peach- Thank you for the comments!

      Baynes- That's a great idea just as you said make sure there is no glue on the toilet paper roll, most rolls use glue so you have to find a brand that is glue-free!

    • profile image

      Baynes 6 years ago

      If anyone is looking for a good edible toy, then take a toilet paper roll, coat it in peanut butter, and roll it in bird seed. Then just give it to you bird.Just make sure there isn't any glue on the roll, because your bird could eat it and that wouldn't be too great.

    • profile image

      tink 6 years ago

      Please give me more information on this. thx!?

    • profile image

      Peach 7 years ago

      Wow, my little cockatiel loves your ideas for home made toys! I have always had trouble finding him toys that he does not get bored with or destroy. I am saving a lot of money making his toys rather than buying them. Definately recommended.