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Save a Pit Bull - Be Committed To Adoption & The Breed

Updated on June 25, 2012

You Are Their Biggest Advocate

We as humans are the only advocates for a breed that we have destroyed. I'm really not sure if it can ever be repaired, but I can tell you we cannot just give up and let it continue. Education, knowledge, and exposure, needs to rapidly continue if Pitbulls are to win this fight that the human race has thrown them in.

Save one of the many homeless pitbulls that have been mistreated in this world, but dont go into it without 100% committment!

My boy 'Todd' months after generous meals and medicated skin baths! :)
My boy 'Todd' months after generous meals and medicated skin baths! :)
My pit-boy...the ultimate snuggler.
My pit-boy...the ultimate snuggler.

Saving a Pitbull

Saving or adopting a Pitbull is an enormous help, no matter how big the size of the homeless overpopulated Pitbull breed. However, do not go into this blindly. I say this because I have experienced this first hand. I really did not have much knowledge when I decided to full-time adopt my beloved boy "Todd, A.K.A. Chico" in the photos to the right.

I have two other dogs presently, and also at the time I decided to try fostering a dog in need of rescue. (A Golden Retriever & a Catahoula Cur.) I had adopted my Catahoula from a Rescue and decided I would like to start fostering and help them out. When I first heard of their big rescue pull that was going to happen next, I saw a picture of Todd and it was obvious I needed to help this boy. There was an abundance of dogs about to be gassed in North Carolina. There was a photo of Todd looking amazingly sad (as they all do) in a small cold kennel. He was rather emaciated, and they had labeled him as a 'boxer-mix' of some kind. To be honest, you really could not tell in his frail state and in a dark photograph, what breed he might be. I had no idea the high-kill shelters down there would often do that in order to save these poor pitties. My point is, would I have offered to foster him if I knew? I'm sad to admit that the answer is probably no. I too was just like half the population today...caught up in media, rumors, and exaggerations that this breed has suffered.

As quoted by 'Cesar Milan'
As quoted by 'Cesar Milan'

Know the Facts

The day I picked him up from his long trip to New York State, my heart sank. Not because I immediately recognized that he was a true Pitbull, but because of his condition. He was a walking skeleton with a head. Scars and marks all over that if they could speak for him, they would have cried out. I dedicated the next 3 months to his recovery. He gained weight, and is a happy, healthy boy now! He does have some major food aggression from almost starving to death, and a few other emotional challenges that I have learned to recognize in time to keep him safe. It has been a struggle to keep the whole 'pack' in my household happy and safe since his arrival, but once you make the commitment to save one of these dogs from something they never chose, you CANNOT look back. You CANNOT return them, and put them through the hell they thought they just left. KNOW where your rescue or adopted came from. ASK the shelter or rescue group if a temperament test was done on the dog, so you KNOW where you need to be careful. KNOW what alterations may have to take place in your life, like accepting criticism, banning, and verbal arguments with people. It will happen. But the joy you will get from saving a soul who adores you for life, will outweigh anything.

I've chosen to be committed in helping these dogs who have been put in an impossible situation from an impossible society. And I will do it again in a second.

As Ghandi once said... ~ "Be the change you wish to see in the world."


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