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Why You Should Schnoodle

Updated on September 26, 2010

Schnoodles, Schnoodles, Schnoodles

I haven't found any good articles on schnoodles or schnoodle puppies, so I am hoping that this can be a first and helpful to other people. I've also included a lot of great pictures schnoodle pictures of my dogs.

I own one! Take it from me! I have always thought having a dog was not my thing. I always considered myself a cat person. Little did I know, I was a schnoodle person! Hell, even my CAT IS A SCHNOODLE LOVER! The cat and the schnoodle play for hours (too cute!).

Plus, Schnoodles love to learn tricks. I have also found they love to play nice with cats. Watch these 6 videos below that I filmed myself of my dog and cat playing together and you will see what I mean. DISCLAIMER: Some people say that their schnoodles do NOT play well with cats.

Leave me a comment if you have SCHNOODLE PRIDE!!!

Pros of Owning A Schnoodle

Schnoodles Make Wonderful Pets

Most animal shelters around the country ask you to get a dog instead of a puppy. There are several good reasons for this. Mainly, you know the personality of an adult dog more readily than you would with a puppy.

Schnoodles, unlike other kinds of dogs, really need regular training. They crave the attention and they need the dominance in order to curb their Schnauzer and Poodle tendencies to be strong-willed. In other words, you will need to stay on top of the dog and make sure that the puppy listens to you and gives you feedback.

Of all of the advantages of owning a Schnoodle, I have highlighted my favorites:

- Schnoodles love cats and cats love Schnoodles!

- You can teach this old dog new tricks - Schnoodles are highly trainable even at an older age. My Schnoodle knows 37 tricks and is 5 years old.

- They have personality - Before long, you will realize that your Schnoodle is more like a child than a pet

- They actively engage you - You always know that is a Schnoodle is around. Once they figure out a way to get your attention, they will be teaching you new tricks and not the other way around!

- Hypoallergenic - This is a key in using the dog as a service animal or keeping allergies at bay.

Cons Of Owning A Schnoodle

Make Sure You Are The Right Owner

It is important to match the kind of person you are with the kind of dog that you want to get. This is one of the biggest mistakes when people get a puppy over a full grown dog.

Before you get a Schnoodle, ask yourself these questions:

- How much time will I spend at home? - If you think you will be able to leave a Schnoodle at home alone for hours by itself, think again. Schnoodles need someone around fairly often. If you love Schnoodles and aren't going to be around very much sometimes, consider a foster parent. Elderly and disabled neighbors will gladly welcome a well-trained Schnoodle into their homes. Schnoodles are well known as companion animals due to their innate personality.

- Will I want to bathe the dog? - It is not uncommon to bathe a Schnoodle at least once a week. If you are not used to this time or expense, be sure to factor it in before buying a Schnoodle. They do not have fur. Instead they have hair that is similar to a humans. This is why they are also considered hypoallergenic.

- Am I prepared for separation anxiety? - Although this can be a problem with any dog, Schnoodles are not the best animals to keep inside for hours on end. Like people, Schnoodles feel very anxious when they are bored. Unless other dogs or people are around, a Schnoodle can feel heart broken and alone.

Champ - My first Schnoodle Pups Experience

The Schnoodle Breed

When I was a little girl in 1985, no one had ever heard of a "Schnoodle". Either your dog was a pure-breed or it was a mutt. No one had ever heard of a schnoodle breed.

My parents, who wanted to help me adjust to having a new baby brother at the age of 8, got me a dog. Champ was a poodle and schnauzer mix and was basically a cross between a schnoodle miniature and a schnoodle standard size. We became fast friends.

Little did I know that the reason we became fast friends was partly due to the breeding of the dog. My schnoodle had the intelligence of his poodle father and the devotion of his schnauzer mother.

Schnoodles are Usually Pack Leaders

Adult Schnoodle Temperament with Other Dogs

When I was a little girl, I lived on a large farm in Western Kentucky. We had lots of problems with wild dogs and coyotes. Often, our beloved hunting and cattle dogs would get into fights with these gnarly wild packs and lose. It was very sad for us.

On the other hand, our schnoodle Champ lived to be 16 years old! We didn't let him come inside ever. He spent all of his time living outside with the other dogs.

So how did such a little guy like Champ make it that long? How can some little schnoodle be in charge of 15-25 rough cattle and hunting dogs? That's what is amazing about schnoodles! When people say schnoodles are extremely intelligent THEY ARE NOT JOKING! Even other big dogs will bow at the schnoodles feet and understand who is boss.

My Dog As a Service Animal
My Dog As a Service Animal

Schnoodles As Service Animals

My Schnoodle Trained Himself!

When I got my Schnoodle, I was only slightly disabled. He was 4 years old. However, in the first year I owned him, I developed more problems.

I was very frantic trying to figure out how to take care of the dog while I was bed-ridden. I should not have forgotten how sensitive Schnoodles were! He responded to me, knew I was sick, and was on his best behavior for 2 months! Before, if I opened the door, he darted out chasing squirrels or cats. During that time, however, I would simply open the door, he would go to the bathroom, and immediately return no matter what kind of tasty chase was out there. It was absolutely unbelievable to see this overnight change.

Then, on top of that, he quickly adjusted to advances in my epilepsy and vision changes. He began fetching and bringing items to me that he knew that I needed but didn't ask him for. He also helped me to predict my seizure activity. If I tried to walk or move around, he would jump in front of me and try to bite my hand.

I took all of these experiences to the doctor. It was the doctor that helped me to get the dog certified as a service dog.

If you live in a state that offers service dog certification, I highly recommend it. I am always learning new things about how dogs help people who have an illness. For example, if I have seizure activity, petting and talking to the dog actually help my blood pressure reduce dramatically.

In the state of California, a lot of people use Schnoodles as Therapy Dogs. Therapy dogs are similar to Service Dogs. However, you should always make sure any animal that you use is properly trained and licensed.

Schnoodles Dogs Tricks Playing Cute Dog - Schnoodles are intelligent dogs that love to play and learn new tricks.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a 5 month old Schnoodle named Chester. I am absolutely blown away by his deep affection, intelligence and beautiful, sweet, loving personality. I have never known a dog like this one and since having him I am struck by just how child-like they are, and I can honestly say one thing - now I've had one, dogs are people too. Scientists have already labelled Dolphins as 'non human persons' and mark my words - dogs will be next. Apparently MRI scans of their brains have been done and they have found them to have very similarly wired brains to us as well. I can't believe we still abandon and euthanise millions of these animals every year across the globe, to me it's no different than abandoning and euthanising children who don't have a home. it's atrociousâ¦..The Schnoodle is just the most wonderful dog but please don't ever get one and leave them alone. They are deeply bonded animals that need to be with their pack which is your family. If I go out I only leave him for a few hours max and along with my son he is like my child. A beautiful dog worthy of the utmost respect and love. Just make sure to brush him regularly and I suggest a short clip - his sort of fur does mat very easily even though I do brush him regularly. Be careful of bees too - Chester got stung and went into shock. I guess that can happen to any breed but after what we went through I'd like you all to be careful when your dog is walking or on wet grass. We now face a long and very expensive desensitisation process now, and it's hard because he has to stay indoors until around 6pm when the bees disappear. Apart from that my only other advice would be to be careful at the dog beach and park - Schnoodles are so super friendly and eager to please they can be growled at and attacked by other bigger dogs. This was a great blog - enjoyed reading it and thanks! Chester sends hugs across the miles from Australia!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for introducing me to the schnoodle breed. Who knew they were hypoallergenic and so intelligent?

    • MaryamLouise LM profile imageAUTHOR

      MaryamLouise LM 

      10 years ago

      [in reply to Liz] Thanks Liz! I know that I personally can't imagine having another kind of dog.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Saw your link on Facebook Schnoodles 101. Loved the article! Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks! I think Schnoodles are pretty special too. I have two of them and can't imagine life without them.

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image


      10 years ago

      What a beautiful dog. I saw a Labradoodle one time, just like a big soft toy, a bit like a slimmer version of a yellow lab with a perm. Mutts are wonderful. 5*

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have two incredible schnoodles-Baxter is 2 and Delilah is one. They are my pride and joys! Fun and smart and loving! Can't say enough about them!!


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