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Seat Warmer

Updated on May 7, 2010


For the last forty years since I graduated from high school and had a place of my own the hard fast rule was no pets on the furniture. That was before Wacker my basset hound came along. All of the books I have read say the original breed came into being in England. A result of selective breeding with bloodhounds so they could hunt rabbits. I see this really I do. His head and body resemble a bloodhound only a lot better looking. When we got him I thought he would be a mid-sized dog but instead he is a large dog with short legs. He is every bit as big as our beloved Suzy a Ridge-Back/Shepard mix who died of cancer last August. He weighs the same even though she was twenty two inches to the top of her head and he is only fifteen. I have never seen a more stuborn dog. He is strong willed but very loving. I know I let him get away with too much. He like no other dog I have ever had has won me over. He can't do no wrong and he knows it. Needless to say we put blankets on the furniture so he can lay on any unoccupied area he chooses. I have a theory, since he will imeadiately pounch upon any seat that is vacated I think something else was bred into him. I think the breed was trained to take the seat of anyone geeting up at an award ceremony. I know people are hired to take the place of any guest that has to go to the bathroom or up on stage. This is done so the theater always looks full. If you remember back at the Oscars this year when they panned out into the crowd all the seats were filled but, some I swear had bassets setting in them. Sure they had on tuxes and evening gowns and of course imitation expensive jewery but all of their arms and legs looked short. The camera panned fast and you could not get a good look. I know though they were bassets.No human being has a nose that big and Carl Malden died before the Oscars so it wasn't him.I asked Wacker about it when we returned from my walk that he took me for and he just rolled his eyes and gave me that snicker of his and shugged his stubby little shoulders. I didn't think he would tell me, he is always keeping little secrets.


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