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Secrets On How To Stop Your Pet From Chewing Its Rabbit Hutch Revealed!

Updated on March 17, 2010

The foods which rabbits normally eat in the wild are usually low in nutrients, so as a form of adaptation rabbits continuously graze, and their teeth continually grow. This creates a teething habit in rabbits where consistent chewing keeps their teeth at a healthy length. But the rules in the wild are not necessarily the rules in the home. Here are some tips to help wean your pet rabbit off its hutch chewing habits.

Diet. One of the best ways to make your rabbit stop chewing on its hutches is to improve its diet. This can be done by providing it with ample healthy crunchy snacks which can include carrots, celery, hay, and even nuts. It is recommended to supply your rabbit with food that provide enough energy so that your pet does not get hungry too frequently. It is best that lots of snacks be provided for your rabbit to chew on throughout the day.

Exercise. Rabbits oftentimes chew because they get restless or bored. This is especially true if they are housed in an enclosure that has insufficient space to run, play, and move around. To make your pet less active on chewing on its rabbit hutches and more active in exercise, more spacious alternatives to their regular rabbit hutch can be considered. Some good alternatives could be a Fox proof Rabbit run and/or run where your pet can scamper around and explore the outdoors, or a larger and more elaborate rabbit hutch indoors can also help.

Rabbits are social creatures; they enjoy interacting with their owners. So another good way to keep them from chewing on their hutch while also providing them with exercise is to play with your rabbit or take them outside for a stroll. Rabbit-proof a part of your home as well by taking care of sharp edges, chewable wires, and fragile furniture so that your rabbit can explore and enjoy the comforts of home.

Chew Toys. Provide your pet with chewable toys and treats where he/she can whittle his/her teeth on. These include alfalfa chew blocks, mineral chew blocks, and bunny toys. These safe alternatives when made available to your pets will keep them away from the harder and less palatable materials of its hutch. In some instances, using innovative chew toys like “Grannicks Bitter Apple” does help.

Quality Materials. First of all, the rabbit cage you choose for your pet must be made of durable high quality materials which must also be chew-resistant. Some good materials you must look out for are chew-resistant coated wires or wood, except redwood. Since these materials are chew-resistant they discourage your rabbit from continually biting on them, as a result they would eventually learn to move on to more chew-friendly items.

Apart from the hutch, the pen’s floor must also be considered. When weaning your rabbit off chewing, it is important to not use carpet on the floor as this can be dangerous when chewed on and ingested. Instead, use hard plastic chair mats covered with bed sheets. This arrangement is easy to clean and replace, and best of all these materials are very difficult to chew. It’s easy to bring an end to your pet rabbit’s bad chewing habits, once you know the secrets.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My rabbit is constantly chewing she had bits of tree in there chew toys but she chews everything including the wood in the cage. I had to fork out loads of money because she had chewed a whole in one of the cages and escaped. I just don't know what to do anymore lol

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      my rabbit just keeps on biting her way out i have only had her for 2 weeks


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