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Serama Bantams, The Smallest Chicken in the World

Updated on March 6, 2010

Small is the Word!

Some can be small as 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cms) from floor to tip of tail!
Some can be small as 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cms) from floor to tip of tail!

A new breed of Bantam, to most countries.

The Serama Bantam or Malaysian Serama Bantam, is a relatively new breed of domesticated chicken (fowl) to many parts of the world, originating in Malaysia (in the name).

This tiny breed of bantam chicken is a lightweight even compared to the other smaller breeds of bantam chickens such as the Dutch bantam and the Sebright bantam, only weighing in at an average of 350g (12.3oz), Dutch av weight 565g (20oz) and the Sebright av weight 600g (21oz). So that's two thirds the weight of the once thought small Dutch and Sebright. There not that tall either at an average of 20-23 Cm (8-9in).

They don't need that much space to live in, so they're ideal for small urbanised gardens or they can even be kept as a house pets! I have a trio of these delightful little birds, that is a cockerel (rooster) and 2 hens. In my own experience and opinion any breed of chicken needs companionship of there own kind so a trio is a minimum amount to keep. You can keep all hen Seramas or a cockerel (rooster) with 2 or more girls, but no more than one cock bird in the same pen as fights may or will occur (having said this I've heard that some do keep more than one cock bird in their flock with out any problems, but I never have myself. Also if a clutch of eggs hatch the cockerels from the clutch normally live together OK as a pecking order has already been establish from them being chicks).

You maybe thinking I can't have a cockerel (rooster) in my area? But with the Serama this may not be the case, as the cock bird of the little breed hasn't that much power in it crow, its normally 1/3 of a large fowls cockerels crow. In some instances they do a little croak, or some have a none existent crow (they don't crow at all)! But I suggest before you do make that purchase to check with your local council of laws relating to owning cockerels on your land, or buy from a reputable breeder and ask them if any of their cockerels have a weak crow or none at all.

As I mentioned before they don't take up much space my trio are housed in a 122cm (4ft) rabbit hutch with a run around it measuring 182 cm (6ft) by 122cm (4ft). My run is made up of 61cm (2ft) treated wooden stakes in the ground and around it a good quality galvanised chicken wire (2.5 cm/1 in) holes. The wire is held at the bottom with pegs (mine I use wooden dolly pegs!) to hold the wire to the ground. The top I use a predator mesh (or plant/crop mesh can be used) held on the wire with cable ties 3/4 of the way across the run. This is to prevent the banties from flying out (they are quite flighty little ones! Wing clipping can be done, but myself I don't practice it with any of my chickens). Also to stop predators, such as Hawks, cats etc having a tasty snack! Please note this arrangement isn't 100% predator proof. On my days of work and weather permitting I let them have a roam and a scratch around the whole garden, but again keep and eye out for cats etc, these are tiny birds ( a garden dove size) and are no match for a neighbourhood cat, unlike a large fowl such as a Rhodie or Marans (which sometimes they scare of preying animals through their noisy clucks!).

They eat normal chicken feed (layers pellets), I do crush it a little more, split maize and mixed corn. I give them fresh greens on a regular basis, such as cabbage leaves, spinach, Brussel sprout leaves, grated apple etc. The odd bit of bread is given. Fresh drinking water is always in supply, and a small container of smaller grit is given (normal poultry grit I find is to big, so I give them aviary bird grit or pigeon grit). If you only keep a few Seramas I advise to only get a small bag of pellets and not big bags or sacks as they don't eat a great amount, and a sack would last months and spoil.

If you want a breed for eggs solely, the Serama isn't the one for this purpose! They only lay about 60 eggs or so per year and you need about 4-5 Serama eggs to match a 'normal' hens egg. As with all pets there may come a time when your Serama may unfortunately become ill, with this some signs are the bird doesn't eat and/or drink, their feathers are fluffed up, diarrhea, sickness, comb (crown) and wattles are very pale, nostrils running etc. Anything which doesn't seem normal take your bird to a veterinary surgeon strain away. Also buy a small rabbit hutch/cage to keep it away from the other birds and a heat lamp may help, but please contact a qualified vet.

As for breeding I always use a broody hen for the Serama eggs, as I find the hatch rate better than artificial means. I have two Pilkies (Silkie x Pekin bantam) which make excellent mothers, I find this cross excellent and a pure Silkie can some times suffocate these small Serama chicks with their fur like feathers. I am going to write another Hub in due course on my methods/experiences on using my broodies. I hope this has given you a little useful information.

I aways use these hanging types, keeps pests at bay!


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    • profile image

      TeenyTinyChickens 3 years ago

      It was great to read your page - we're breeding and raising Seramas to sell as a way to show people what great personalities and pets chickens have and can be.

      Our little guys have huge (funny) personalities.

      Make a great pet - somewhere between a super friendly cat and a dog that isn't too demanding. Much better than getting a tropical bird that lives for 65 years. How many people can male that commitment? Especially if you are over 25? :)

      We're on facebook -

      Hope your birds are still happy and well.

      Teeny Tiny Chickens -

    • profile image

      Jon 3 years ago

      Im a seramas breeder in Goldsboro NC I always sell eggs on ebay fairly cheap about 11 bucks a dozen

    • profile image

      daquilajmd 4 years ago

      I live in Mineral Wells, WV and I'm interested in perhaps purchasing a

      trio (cockerel and two pullets) preferably very young. I am also considering purchasing hatching eggs if the live chicks are too expensive. I have been raising standard sized chickens, including roosters, for six years and now I'm ready to delve into the world of the adorable Serama. Please contact me at Thank you, Jean.

    • profile image

      debbie 5 years ago

      I have two Seramas that are about 4 months old and they are attacking my other chickens. I have three large chickens that are 4 months old also. The little ones really attack the larger ones and chase them all around. The larger ones go into the coop and wont come out to eat or drink, they just stand in there scared to death. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      Hi, I have recently purchaced some 8 week old Serama chicks & have also hatched 6 of the tiny little chicks myself. My hope is that from the bought & hatched birds I will be able to split the flock so I get unrelated cocks running with the hens. Have you got any tips on how soon I should be able to determin the sex of the birds?

    • profile image

      Abdul Mohiz 5 years ago

      I have two pair of serama bantams roosters colour is gray&black girls color is black which eggs size is 1 inch and hens size 4 inch from flour to tip of tail

    • profile image

      todd 5 years ago

      we have over 30 serama's. ranging in all colors. email me if u want eggs or chicks. we also have many mature serama's we'd like to re-home. mostly to make room for new blood. some beautiful roosters and a few hens if you need a trio. you can email me at

    • profile image

      esmeralda ramirez 5 years ago

      hello,i searrch people who imported eggs and could order them.i live in spain.i through the expenses of the trip.i don,t know who since is done and for whiich company.thanks my i don,t speak very good englhis

    • profile image

      Lin Simpson 5 years ago

      I got eggs on Ebay and hatched my own...I love them!

    • profile image

      Carol 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm a big fan of these beautiful birds. I already have 3 girls. But have recently seen pics of the frizzled ones. So I'm now on the lookout for some of these. Not really bothered what colour or age.

    • profile image

      Chicken Girl. 5 years ago

      I've had chicks since i was in 1st grade, and i'm now starting to hatch and sell the chicks. Very nice information, thank you!

    • profile image

      Jacek. 5 years ago

      SUPER :)

    • profile image

      CHICKEN LOVER!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

      They're adorable!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Candace 6 years ago

      I have a pair of blue serama's that are by far the favorite of all my chickens. I guess its because they are so little. My daughter will be showing them in her local 4H Club.Loved your post!

    • profile image

      don 6 years ago

      Hello, I just came across your info and i would like to get a tiro or so of them. I live in canada nova scotia. Is there any breeders near me? Here is my e mail address; Thank you so much.Don

    • profile image

      mandy 6 years ago

      hi i have a serama cockerel and two hens with three babies not the cockerels babies, but i love them they are such lovely chickens very sweet temperent,i would recommend seramas as pets

    • profile image

      lorie 6 years ago

      i have a pair.there sweet.the male is very protective.thank you for the info,very nice.

    • profile image

      Mary Patsy Story 6 years ago

      Great articles! Awesome chicks. I'd like to buy a few for pets.How do I do this?Thank you Patsy

    • Sun360 profile image

      Sun360 6 years ago

      Nice article.Thanks

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice and well written article which i enjoyed reading from. Especially to someone like me who loves poultry.

    • profile image

      Bonnie green 6 years ago

      Hi I breed and sell serama if you would like to purchase some please contact me on 07903650960 or

    • profile image

      Lloyd 7 years ago

      I was given a ppair a few weeks ago and found the article


    • profile image

      mican 7 years ago

      very nice.. where can i buy this chicken?

    • profile image

      benefits to free range chicken farming 7 years ago

      Cool Chickens! I think I might see if I can get my hands on some to add to my flock.

    • Chapter profile image

      Chapter 7 years ago from Indonesia

      I love this chicken. Unfortunately, the beautiful serama is so expensive so i cannot buy this chicken