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Service Dogs: Special Companions

Updated on September 11, 2015

Service animals have been used to assist individuals from a long time ago. Now pets of all kinds are increasingly becoming common in the treatment of individuals with Alzheimer, dementia, blindness, seizures and other related disorders.

But, what exactly is an assistance dog? It’s a dog that has successfully completed a lengthy training, as well as received all pertinent vaccines.Moreover, it has succeeded in passing an extensive amount of tests to become a certified Service dog,proving capable of giving therapeutic benefits to individuals with certain needs. They are mostly bred for the task, and trained in facilities such as hospitals, elder care installations or other health care settings.

It takes a special kind of animal to be used for these therapies. Evidently, these service dogs have to enjoy petting and handling by anyone. They have to be able to tolerate and stay in focus despite all of the noises and movements of patients, and everything that surrounds them, such as a cat walking by or people offering treats.

Discipline is one of the most important factors when it comes to the training of a service dog. You have to keep the dog healthy, which means more visits to the veterinary, a strict vaccination schedule, and even fecal checks tend to be more frequent than in typical dogs. Besides, you need to keep them clean and carefully groomed so they can be in contact with patients with compromised immune systems.

They also have to be in constant physical training since they can get a little lazy if they don’t.When it comes to their temper, it’s crucial to make sure they are pleasant, caring and have a malleable temperament. The dog’s personality will be one of the most important factors to determine if they are cut out to be a service dog. An ideal animal is one that is comfortable with a stranger, and is friendly and quiet. An anxious, aggressive or loud animal will have the opposite effect that hospitals and care centers are looking for.

While the majority of people might think that assistance dogs are strictly guided for visually impaired patients,they are only a small portion of the overall amount of assistance dogs. Some of them are seizure alert dogs, migraine alert dogs, and assistance dogs for individuals with ASD, Alzheimer, post-traumatic stress, and many other medical conditions.

Most individuals don’t realize that many of these dogs aid patients that do not show any obvious disorder.For example, seizure alerts dogs, which only demonstrate their trained behavior before the patient under their care experiences a seizure.

Assistance dogs have a great array of uses. People with disorders such as dementia can lose their motivation to maintain a physical and healthy life, neglecting some of the necessary activities like eating or even personal hygiene. Service dogs are capable of rational, strategic and elaborated processes. These dogs don’t need for a verbal cue, instead they can interpret and respond to non-verbal cues, allowing them to understand and respond to the handler’s needs, intentions or forgetfulness without any commands.

Some organizations specialize in offering service dog training, coaching, evaluation and consulting for owner-trainers and service dog handlers on a case by case basis. A willingness to work long and hard, get dirty and do whatever needs to be done to accomplish the program’s goals are a must.

Individuals with certain medical disorders usually experience critical anxiety.Some of their previous caretakers may have been detached, did not care about them, or did not fully understand their condition. In contrast, dogs, by their nature, does not judge, making them the perfect companion for individual with dementia, Alzheimer, and other disorders. If you know someone who is experiencing some of the difficulties mentioned above, it may be worth considering investing in a canine companion, they can provide a tremendous social support and love.

Dogs can find out and act before a person

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      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      these dogs are well trained


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