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Sex Changing Molly Fish

Updated on March 14, 2013

What are molly fish?

There scientific name is Poecilia. These are freshwater fish and very good for a beginner aquarium. I had the pleasure of taking care of a few molly fish,I always found them so amazing. Since Molly are school fish they like to be surrounded by other Mollies. The ratio for your mollies should be, two females for every one male. This is an important ratio, if the ratio isn't right it will disrupt the whole environment of the aquarium. Before you decide to take care of any fish, make sure you set up your aquarium at least a week in advance. This gives your water time to naturally eliminate the chlorine that's in it, and for you to treat your water with the proper drops needed to make your fish comfortable.

Not the best home for a Molly


Keeping the water clean

As I mentioned above you have to have the proper ratio of male to female. When I first started caring for my mollies I only had two, one male and one female. The male would chase the female around the tank, and I would have to sometimes separate them for feeding because my male was so aggressive. I was just starting out and didn't have the best filters,so my water would be come a little cloudy. Once this happened something else happened as well. I would notice that the fish that I thought was a female had changed color and become aggressive. Now my female fish was chasing the fish around that I thought was a male. I was confused by the color change and aggression my girl molly was displaying. After doing some research I found that mollies can change sex, when there water isn't the right temperature or as clean as it should be. This happens because the male fish is releasing a lot of male hormones into the water causing the switch. That's why the male and female ratio is important as well.

Fresh blood worms


What do they eat

Molly are hardy fish,even with poor water conditions they didn't die off like a goldfish would have. They can eat flakes,but they also like to eat lettuce and blood worms. I would give my Molly blood worms to incorporate into there diet so they wouldn't get bored with there flakes. Blood worms, are readily available at your local pet smart. There also not an expensive fish, you can buy mollies for less than three dollars per fish. I wanted to take care of a full school of fish but didn't get a chance too. It was hard to determine if my molly was pregnant or just had a pouch,which is the shape of their bellies. The picture to the left are fresh blood worms.but I used prepackaged dried blood worms and they still ate them.They also like veggies as well,but I was too afraid to give them random greens, I didn't want them to die for a food mistake.

Giving birth

Live breeders

Molly fish are live breeders,which means the young come out as a fish instead of eggs. To the right is video of a black molly giving birth. These fish are so amazing and they can make a great source of entertainment. I also found that they were not that hard to care for. However,when your females gives birth you must decide what to do with the young. Of course it's important to immediately separate the female from any other molly in the aquarium, because other fish will eat the young. In the video the person puts her molly in a small bowl without much oxygen. If you know your molly is pregnant it's best to prepare a birthing center for your molly. Mollies come in different colors black,golden,sliver, and dalmatian but I found the sliver ones more appealing. The black ones are nice as well,and I may consider them for my next aquarium.


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