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Sharks Series Great White Shark

Updated on October 1, 2009

The Great White Shark in its domain

The Great White Shark

also known in some countries as the Bull Shark

There is no other shark in the entire world with the type of cult following or fascination generated than through the likes of the Great White Shark. This may be attributed to the era of hollywood movie following such as "Jaws" and also the lesser known feature of Sharks on steroids featuring Lawrence Fishburne and Thomas Jane.

Many sharks are still the prehistoric predators they have always been within their liquid environment with few non-predatory species left in the ocean. The Great White still rates within the top 5 most ferocious of all animals on the planet. There are other species of sharks which are considered to be more dangerous in their natural habitat than the white, such as the Tiger Shark, The Zambezi Shark and in a frenzy, the Oceanic Whitetip Reef Shark which is often attributed to Shipwreck victim attacks in the Indo Pacific.

Until recently, it was a little known fact that the Great WHite Shark attacked from below with such brute force that it was able to breach the surface of the water entirely and then splash down witht the prey in its mouth.

Movie footage of this shark breaching phenomenon has since swept the world thanks to the patience of the National Geographic Team following the Great White feeding patterns around the Seal Island and Gans Bay areas of Cape Town in South Africa.

Nowadays it is a sought after tourist attraction to cage dive with the Great White Shark, obviously at  your own risk I might add, and has turned into a money spinning attraction. This does to a certain degree lessen the fierce respect that the Great White once garnered. The With Shark will forever remain a respect beast though and as long as we have shark attacks throughout the world, it will always be the first consideration as the culprit and prime suspect.


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    • profile image

      andy 6 years ago

      the zambezi shark and bull shark are the same species, it is called zambezi shark locally because it is found far upstream the zambezi river in sa.