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Sharks Series Whale Shark

Updated on January 13, 2010

The Most Placid Shark The Whale Shark

The Gentle Giant of the Ocean - The Whale Shark

Despite its size being around 40 feet or some 12 meters, around the size of a shipping container if you think about it, the Wahle Sahrk is by far the most dosile of all sea living creatures and will amble around all day siphoning plankton and small nutrient from the sea without a care in the world.

It is possible that by design due to its non threatening manner and the fact that it is non carnivorous, its size is its means of protection from predators.

The dosile giant has been known to drift in and out of divers wwithout paying much attantion to its surroundings. It can weigh a a few tons sometimes going into the double digits and can slow down to an almost dead stop before needing to move again making it utilise very minimal amounts of energy in order to survive. The Whale Shark may often be found as an individual and prefers to feed this way due to the resources of food it needs on a daily basis. It is a rare sighting to see a whale shark and should be looked upon as the graceful creatures that they are and a shame that they are labelled sharks.


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