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Shipoo Hybrid Dogs

Updated on July 8, 2011

Physical Description

The Shipoo/Shih-Poo, alternatively spelled Shihpoo, is a very common hybrid dog that may be suitable for mild to severe dog allergy sufferers. They have the curly to wavy moderate length coat common to both the Shih-Tzu and Poodle parents, but they also have some interesting color combinations found in either purebred parent breed. Black and white color combinations are the most common, but really unique apricot colors as well as grays and browns with white markings can also be found.

The average size of the Shihpoo is about 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder and the typical weight range is 10 to 15 pounds when fully grown. They have the longer, leaner body of the Poodle and have a well balanced head on a slightly arched neck. The head tends to be a mix between the Poodle and the Shih Tzu with a longer, more tapered muzzle and a slightly undershot jaw. The eyes are dark, alert and expressive and the ears tend to be longer and hang down to the sides of the cheeks.

The legs are straight and moderately long for the body. The tail is typically carried in a gentle curl over the back hips and is well fringed with long straight to wavy hair that cascades down over the hips. The Shih-Poo has a jaunty walk and a lot of energy and a very playful spirit well into their senior years.

(c) deann_ at
(c) deann_ at


The Shih-Poo is a lively, alert and very intelligent dog. They love to be with people and need to be in a household where they are involved in the day to day activities of the family. This canine hybrid is considered to be very easy to train and highly adaptive to many different environments. Like most Poodle dog types the Shihpoo has a gentle temperament but is also a good watchdog and will bark to let owners know when strangers approach.

They are not typically dog aggressive and tend to get along very well with all types of pets, especially when socialized. The Shihpoo is a wonderful companion pet for families with children as they are active enough to keep up with kids all day long. They also love to snuggle and cuddle with owners and really bond with their family.


(c) Reckless_Reckra at
(c) Reckless_Reckra at

Grooming And General Care

Despite having a low shedding coat the Shih-Poo needs routine daily or every other day grooming when the hair is left long and natural. Many owners choose to puppy clip or Poodle clip these dogs to keep grooming routines to a minimum. Like with all hybrid breeds with Poodle in the mix there may be problems with tearing and the eyes should be closely monitored and cleaned routinely. It will also be important to check the ears and remove any hairs from the outer ear area that may trap wax and lead to the development of infections within the ear.

The Shihpoo is not a fragile or delicate dog and needs to have room to run and play. They can tolerate a wide range of weather conditions but should not be kept outdoors in cold or wet climates. The Shihpoo is a wonderful choice for an active family but can also adapt well to apartment life. Overfeeding needs to be avoided as this hybrid is prone to putting on weight and becoming a finicky eater if allowed too may table scraps and only fed canned food.

Clubs and Registries:

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    • profile image

      jose 5 years ago

      my shihpoo is 2 months old her name is lulu she is white.

    • profile image

      Jean-Pierre 6 years ago

      I have a shihpoo coffee color. She's tree months old and weights 10 pounds. She like to play and sleep. She need attention but can play alone. She is so cute i love her so much. I use to be very allergic to dogs but i have no reaction with my shihpoo so if you have allergie buy a shihpoo!!!

    • profile image

      VFXGuy 6 years ago

      Very intelligent and loving dogs. Ours by the name of Mocha got lost for several months when she strayed out of our house. We just had our baby then so we thought she was jealous that's why she ran away. My wife was so heart-broken because Mocha was her first toy dog and my gift to her for her college graduation, hence she loved her so much. We just prayed that a dog-loving individual or family will find and take good care of her and that she'll be safe, wherever she was. And like an answered prayer, she came back after 8 months. I was brushing my teeth then when some kids went knocking at our gate. I was quite annoyed then because I thought the kids were poking fun at us. When I went out to check, the kid said, "Isn't that your dog Sir?". I barely identified if it was Mocha but when I looked closer, it was her indeed. She was almost bald with her skin wrinkled, she was clearly undernourished. Her eyes were full of dried rheum, so pitiful. But despite of her condition, she still recognized us and was so happy that she would try to jump but was just too weak to do so. We are just thankful God answered our prayer. Just last October, she gave birth to 3 cute pups =)

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      I have a Shi-poo and he is the lap dog I have always wanted. This dog demands all my attention and is obsessed with loving me all the time. He is such a sweet natured dog. He was the easiest dog to potty train I have ever had. He never uses the bathroom in the house, he doesn't smell, and doesn't shed. What more could you want in a dog? This dog was a gift i didn't want and now I consider him the perfect gift!

    • profile image

      Lonnie 7 years ago

      I'm going to see a little Shipoo today for possible adoption. He's 10 months old and his name is Pookie! I'm so exctied that i'm beside myself. I hope its love at first sight. My pom died last year after 15 years of being with me. I'm lonely and can't wait to adopt a new little friend.

    • profile image

      linda 7 years ago

      i been loking for these sweet little pups can,t spend 100 so i quess i,m out of luck

    • profile image

      Brittney 8 years ago

      I love my shi-poo! Her name is Khloe and she has a black face, white body with a huge black patch on her back and tail. She is 8 months old and weighs 8lbs. I love when her fur is long and curly but it does get difficult to take care, it mats easily so make sure you brush your pup daily. She has a huge personality. I am a first time dog owner and adapted well to my life with my pup :)

    • profile image

      pasquier 8 years ago

      I want to find a shi-poo in France, but it s impossible ad unknown

    • profile image

      khobieblew 8 years ago

      I own both a male shihtzu and female poodle

      And this past may they had puppies.they were the cutest things.I live next door to one and he's so adorable.

    • profile image

      Shipoo Puppies 8 years ago

      We have a precious Shipoo (Bella) She is 5 Months and a pure joy. Loves people and Playful. You can see her picture here:

    • profile image

      jen miracle 8 years ago

      i have a shi-poo, just turned 2. Hes amazing! such a lover! good dog for single girl.

    • Jody Heckenlively profile image

      Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago

      Cut dog! I am a Chorkie lover...!

    • profile image

      Madison0318 9 years ago

      I'm new to this site and so thrilled to find a place devoted to these wonderful "hybrids." My shih-poo is a 16 month old black & white female ("GERTI")... she rules my roost and owns my heart. Thais dog is such a comedian... which keeps her in my good graces regardless of her ver-rrry stubborn streak.

      Kathy, I'd love to hear more about your little guy!!

      BTW, I live in Richmond, VA.

    • profile image

      Kathy 9 years ago

      I have a black Shipoo that I bought at 2lbs and he is fullly grown now at 9lbs. I had no idea about the dog breed when I rescued him but he is the best little dog ever!!! Very smart, energetic, and playful. Never gets tired of fetching the ball. Needs to be the center of attention. I cannot stay mad at him. He makes me smile and laugh at his antics even when I am in a bad mood. I am very happy he is in my life.

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      What a cute dog! I had never heard of them before. Great Hub.