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Should I neuter my dog?

Updated on April 8, 2012

Do you have plans of breeding your dog? Or is your purpose for getting the dog is to someday decorate the walls of the den with the rosettes and ribbons garnered by the pet as a show dog? If YES is the answer to these questions then you have a good reason for leaving the dog intact. However, if the answers the questions are NOs then do yourself, other dog lovers and especially your pet a favor. Have the dog neutered.

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What is neutering?

Neutering is a simple surgery that renders a male dog incapable of siring puppies. Neutering is a non-invasive procedure as there will be no need to open a body cavity. A small incision will be made on the scrotum where the testicles will be removed and the stalks tied and cut off. The incision may or may not need stitches. If you have not seen the testicles removed, you may wonder if the vet has really performed the procedure. For the first few days after the dog was neutered, the scrotum will be swollen and appears to still contain testicles. Generally, the surgery would have no ill effects on the dog. The pet though may have the tendency to lick the incision. This can be prevented by letting the dog wear an E-collar.

Neutering myths

There is a common myth that neutered dogs will lose the “manliness”. The empty scrotum somehow advertizes the dog’s inability to sire puppies. Once the testicles are removed, the dog’s energies will be diminished thus there is a big possibility that the pet will become obese.

Dog owners are aware of the consequences of obesity to the general health of the pet. Misinformed dog owners would not submit the pet under the vet’s hands for the big snip. These beliefs though have not scientific basis.

Unwanted behavior of intact dogs

Urine marking is a natural behavior of dogs. For sure you too have complained about the urine smell on the carpet, on the furniture and on any object inside the house. An intact dog would bark excessively, whimper and howl once a fertile bitch is within smelling distance. It would be very difficult to contain the dog as gates and high fences would be ineffective in stopping the dog from getting to the receptive female. When an in heat bitch is around expect your dog to manifest an aggressive behavior.

Why you should neuter your dog

Most dog owners aware of the ballooning numbers of homeless puppies that have to be put to sleep every year would opt to neuter the pet. Because the dog will produce less testosterone, the dog’s inclination to roam especially when a bitch in heat is smelled will be eliminated. Aggression and urine marking will be eliminated as well. But a more important reason for submitting the dog to this surgical procedure is to prevent certain diseases that can be life threatening. Certain types of tumors, testicular cancer and prostate gland enlargement and prostate gland disease will be eliminated as well.

Neutering is a fairly simple surgical procedure. Depending on your location the procedure will cost the owner from $75 to $150. Surely you would not think twice to dip into your pocket if the well being and the health of the pet is assured.

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Housebreaking-Will Spaying/Neuter My Dog Make A Difference?


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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      A very interesting and useful hub.

      All I can say is that two of the rescue dogs that I've had were both neutered by the animal shelter and there were no ill-effects at all. One of my other dogs, (my Rough Collie, Shane) I had from a pup, had to be neutered for medical reasons - he had an enlarged prostate and hormones shooting through his system were making him not only ill but aggressive. After he had the operation the transformation was amazing. He was energetic, placid, happy, had a great appetite and loved playing with other dogs again.

      All in all my experience of neutering has been very positive. But above all it is helping to keep the numbers of unwanted puppies down.

      Great hub + voted up!