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Day 5 | 'Independence' Siamese Fighter Spawn Log | HMPK Mustard Gas Female x Blue Veil Tail Male

Updated on July 8, 2010
Siamese Fighting Fish Fry Four Days After Hatching
Siamese Fighting Fish Fry Four Days After Hatching

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was able to change the water without any real risk of taking fry with it. Though the fry were free swimming, they were still largely relegated to the plastic hairgrass. Today at 2pm, I made a discovery – the tank is full of little swimmers, there is virtually no part of the tank they have not spread to. This is both charming and slightly problematic for the keeper.

I also discovered that I had made an error. The filter I used was not a traditional sponge filter, but a similar filter with a plastic cylindrical outer casing. Upon checking it today I found to my dismay, that there were at least 15 fry stuck in the filter! Fortunately I managed to free the bulk of them without them coming to harm.

I thought that perhaps because the air pump is set on low, and I had observed fry swimming away from the filter wool, it might be okay to run the filter without the case, however I tried running the filter without the extraneous plastic casing and found that small fry were still being sucked into it. It would seem that another filtration solution needs to be found. On a positive note and a testament to the hardiness of fry, the fry that were trapped are still happily swimming around, apparently none the worse for wear for having spent a few hours trapped in a small plastic enclosure.

Father fish does not seem to appreciate his fry's newfound mobility, and is spending his day rushing hither and thither about the tank, corralling the fry in his mouth and then depositing them back in the hair grass region, from which they immediately escape.

It is still somewhat too early to tell if the fry are feeding, but in the next couple of days that should become obvious. So far I am very impressed with the fry, in the past I have seen a great deal of bottom sliding in new fry and I have not observed that in this batch.

Now that the fry are highly mobile, but still very small, I won't be able to perform 'water changes' per se, instead I'll be taking the advice of a breeder friend and adding water to the tank periodically. Obviously, should any areas of obvious fouling arise, they will be cleaned with a paintbrush I keep specially for this purpose. Paintbrushes are excellent for trapping small food debris without unduly disturbing the rest of the tank, and I highly recommend that breeders invest in one.

Today's installment of the spawn log comes complete with a picture of the four day old fry (we count the age from the time they hatch.) They are of a good size already, and their vigorous nature is encouraging.


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