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Signs Your Cat Has Fleas

Updated on January 27, 2016
By Pixaby
By Pixaby | Source

Summer is coming and so is flea season, it is nice to have a pet. I have a cat and she is the most loving animal I ever had. So when she starts to scratch I feel bad for her. I find out what is making her scratch and I take care of it as soon as I can, there is no need for her to suffer. And if you let it go they continue to breed and infest your house and you will have a hard time getting ride of them. I feel so bad for my cat when this happens, and I know it can turn into a bigger problem if left untreated. There are signs your cat has fleas and you want to address the issue at the first sign of trouble.

Some Signs

  1. When your cat starts scratching and keeps doing it, you can tell there is something that is making her scratch
  2. When you see fleas on your cat or they jump on you when the cat is near you.
  3. When you start to get bites on you and have no idea where they came from, they are flea bites.

Cat Itching

When you first see your cat start itching you want to treat the problem, here is what I do. You need to get a flea dip for your cat, a flea collar, and some flea bombs for the house. Give the cat a bath in the flea dip and then put it in the car, you want to set off the flea bombs in the house and then go out for 3 or more hours depending on how long the bombs say. While you are out put the collar on the cat.

By doing it this way you are attacking the fleas in three ways, you are killing the fleas on the cat. You are killing the fleas in the house and you have a collar on the cat to kill any that got away or did not die, this usually works for me the first time. If not then do it again and dip the cat as much as you can according to the instructions. Make sure what you are doing is safe for the cat and the people living in the house.

I had an experience this year with something that was itchy and caused bites on me, I brought it home to the cat and felt terrible. I work and have to go into people's homes to work, I went into a home and was covered with fleas. I mean bad and I had to hose off and drive home in wet underwear, from there I hosed off again and went in the house naked. There were no fleas and the cat did not get any, never saw one. But the cat started itching and I got bites all over my body, The doctor said it was three different things on three different visits and neither treatment has worked, it finally stopped on it's own. The same with the cat, I had four trips to the vet and they never made her better. I wash her weekly to give her relief but she still itches.

The house was condemned over this incident and torn down, that is how bad it was infested, the elderly lady was hospitalized and my visit there got her to the hospital and I hear that saved her life. I got off track, the point I was trying to make is that you do what you can to make your animal comfortable when possible. They trust in us to keep them safe, and we have to do whet we can to live up to that trust

I no longer let my cat out and I have not had fleas since I stopped, sometimes your cat is persistent with going out and you let it. This is how the fleas get in most of the time, the cat brings them home from another cat or in the grass.

I have heard some nightmare stories where the home was infested with fleas and they needed and exterminator to put a tent around the house and bomb it with dangerous poisons and you could not live there for days. By staying on top of this and treating it as soon as it happens you will prevent this from happening to you. There are all kinds of things that can happen by not taking action to help your animal.

Subtle Clues

Sometimes you may not see a flea even during a bath but the cat will itch and have bumps. This can be perplexing and becomes time to take the animal to the vet. An anti inflamatory and a quality flea treatment will solve the problem on the cat but you still have the house to take care of. Vaccum daily and wash all the sheets and curtains, fog the house and spray outside. regularly.

Your Pet

If you are like me your pet is your best friend, there is nothing I would not do to make her comfortable and feel better. Keep a flea collar on hand and bathe your pet regularly, keep them away from other animals that may infect them.

My cat wants to go out and stairs out the window, I feel so bad not letting her out but she can get fleas from the grass and bring them in. My area has stray cats so I an worried they leave fleas in the grass around the house. Protecting your animal has to come first, I make sure there are toys to play with and I take time to play and make her feel loved.

Cat Ownership

A cat can get many other diseases and some of them are serious compared to fleas, it is our responsibility to care for these animals so they are happy and healthy. We have to make sure they get to the vet and get all the preventative shots they need. We have to feed them quality food at regular times so they eat properly, making sure they have a safe and comfortable place to sleep is important. All animals that are taken into thew home are dependent on the owner to care for them, when you get close to a cat and it becomes like a friend to you then you will go to great lengths to care for it.

Kill Fleas

Fleas can be difficult to get rid of and usually take a full house approach with more then one way to kill them. here are a few things I do to keep them in check and kill as many as I can.

The first thing is to vacuum every day and dispose of the bag in a sealed plastic bag so the trapped fleas or hatched eggs can not escape, Then I wash my pet with dawn dish soap because it has something in it that kills then instantly, I then spray the house and my pet with Wondercide natural products, they do not hurt your animal and actually kill the fleas and eggs interrupting the life cycle.

I then spread Diatomaceous earth around the outside of the house, this can be used inside as well if you get the food grade and it is good for ants too.

A home made trap that works wonders is a large cake pan with about an inch of water in it, add some dawn to it and put a small light over it at night. The fleas are attracted to the heat and jump towards it falling into the liquid and dying.


Image by Pixaby
Image by Pixaby | Source

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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Both of our cats are now inside cats but our dog goes in and out. He is treated monthly for heart-worm, fleas, etc. but as you noted, even people can bring fleas into a home from grassy areas, etc. There is another product on the market that has boric acid in it. Locally it is called Flea Stoppers and it is a powder that one brushes into the carpet. No vacuuming for one week but after that it is fine. It is guaranteed for one year. If fleas come into a house they eventually jump off and they are killed by this product and eggs do not hatch. That is what we use. Like you, we like to see our pets comfortable and happy.