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Facts on Feeding Red Worms to Chickens

Updated on January 13, 2011

Did you know that backyard chickens can also be fed with red wiggler worms? Yes, it’s true. Feeding Red Worms to Chickens can be a really nutritional treat for your farmyard birds. So other than providing your chicken (especially when you’re keeping chickens) with other organic scraps (such as sawdust and leaves), add in some composting worms to your poultry feed.

How nutritious are these Red Worms to your Chickens?

Red wigglers as chicken food is packed with Proteins. Aside from that, it’s been also recognized to offer more nutrients compared to either beef or fish meals. In this matter, Protein is said to be 65% to 80% higher than the two mentioned.

Ways that you can feed your Red Worms to your Chickens

There are several ways that you can do to make this feeding chore a much more pleasant experience. You can harvest these feed ingredients and scatter them on the ground for your Chickens to gorge on. But aside from these tips, there are other alternatives to feeding your farmyard hens.

Gather and Scatter!

When it’s time to feed your Chickens (whether they’re kept inside their chicken houses or small chicken coops), you can gather some worms for you to scatter on the ground. But also take into consideration how to pick these worms from their bin. It’s best that you only take out the top layer of your bedding for where there’s more activity going on. You’ll be using the worms on this top layer, and these will then be fed to your Chickens. Now, it would also be a more convenient thing for you to do if you were to build and keep a worm composter (take for example the can-o-worms) of your own. In this way, you no longer have to buy your stock of worms outside should you run out of these. You’ll just be growing your own just right at the comforts of your own home.

Setting apart the Red Worms from their castings

Other than scattering the live composting worms on the ground, you can also start by scattering some on top of a table (or any flat surface). In this way, you may be able to set apart the worms from their valuable castings (also known as worm manure or worm compost). This natural fertilizer won’t pass as a poultry feed.

Drying your Red Worms

Now when it comes to raising chickens, one of the easiest things to do when it comes to feeding Red Worms to Chickens is by drying the worms first. When they’re finally dry, then it’ll be a lot easier to crush these. You can either have your worms dried inside an oven (under a gas pilot light or light bulb) or inside a greenhouse. But other than making your own chicken feed, you can always buy readily available goods from chicken feed suppliers.


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      All I can say is: what the heck. Why would you go thru the hassle of drying them?!