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Small Dogs and Poo

Updated on April 4, 2016

On the Barge

At work on the barge.
At work on the barge. | Source

Small Dog Big Dog

All of my adult life I have only ever shared my home and life with big dogs. I have had Rottweilers, Labs, German Shepherds, Malamutes and a Mastiff as animal companions.

A few months ago I welcomed a small dog into my home. Many people I talk to say a dog is a dog is a dog, regardless of size. I disagree. Little dogs bear little resemblance to big dogs when it comes to personality. Ivan is a goofy little clown of a dog. My big girl ShyeAnne is much more sedate although she still cuts loose and plays with the little guy.

Many little dogs look like cartoon characters too so it may be why I did not take them as seriously as big dogs.

What Size Say You?

Do you have a small, medium or large dog?

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Irresistibly Sweet

My little mutt ..
My little mutt .. | Source

My First Small Dog

After giving consideration to my older big and beautiful dog and taking a clear look at the cost of owning another pet, I decided to welcome an eighteen month old Yorkie Poodle cross into my home.

He is not without his issues but we are working through them.

The only issue that I found quite challenging is getting him 100% good on his toileting habits.

First Couple Of Months

The first couple of months were quite trying. Even though I was sure I was letting my little mutt out often enough, inevitably I would find a random pile of poo in the middle of the carpet. He never hid his naughty habit from me. I am grateful for that although stepping in cold squishy poo at 5 in the morning while on my way to make coffee is not on my favorite things to do list.

Wait For It..Wait for It!

On The Beach, On The Barge

on the beach
on the beach | Source

On The Beach

our morning walk on the beach
our morning walk on the beach | Source

My Small Dog's First Months

My small guy came from a home where he was bought as a gift for an eight year old girl. At sixteen weeks his leg was broken by a large dog and it was casted for 9 months.

The little girl and the parents grew tired of him and he spent probably up to 20 hours a day in a kennel that was placed in the bathtub behind a closed bathroom door.

I hate this for him.

My little fella had a really weird haircut too as his young owner thought it would be fun to cover him in bubblegum.

When I got him home and cleaned out his kennel I found dried feces. I have given up trying to figure out why some people treat animals the way they do. It makes me very sad.

Territorial Marking

When I first brought Ivan, my little dog home, he was a firecracker. He was not neutered. He humped anything in his path, ran around like a whirling dervish and marked long curtains, doorways and chair legs with his pee. This is a separate issue from the toileting habits and it was corrected when he was neutered.

My Big Dog

My beautiful big girl.
My beautiful big girl. | Source

Smart Doggy

I didn't want to discipline my mutt too harshly as he is a quivery little thing. He is very intelligent and before I could figure out the best way to approach the issue, it seems as though he has trained himself.

He no longer has accidents, if they were accidents, on the rug or in the house anywhere. He likely started taking his cues from my big dog. She is eleven years old and would not dream of going potty inside the house unless she was sick or for some reason confined for a long time.


So, at the end of the day, my biggest tip for dealing with little dogs and poo is to react to toileting accidents inside your home as little as possible for as long as possible to see if your little critter will simply grow out of it. I believe inside toileting accidents are related to anxiety and nervousness and many little critters seem prone to it.

Make sure to visit the great outdoors several times a day so your mutt has ample opportunity to relieve himself in the appropriate place.

Little dogs are high maintenance but they are worth it for the amazing company and entertainment they provide.

Make it a great day!


I have been researching online for ways to interact with and treat my little dog so he relaxes more. I came across this Thundershirt and it looks and sounds like it might be worth a try.


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