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Smooth foxterier - My Bella

Updated on August 5, 2016

Bella, the smooth foxterier


Smooth foxterier

What can i say about the smooth foxterier? Well, they're cute, adorable and sometimes even naughty. If i write about my dog, than you'll even know better the behavior of smooth foxteriers.

There are two species - wired foxterier and smooth foxterier. Well, i have smooth foxterier. She's a female dog, named Bella. As i heard, the foxteriers were ment for chasing foxes and rats, that's why the name foxterier. And i must say, that they show that in their behavior. When we go out, my foxterier always searches to smell or dig something. When she see birds, she run after them. But, when she meets another dog, she always must stay and smell him.

The smooth foxteriers have their strange invitations to play for other dogs. They barks. But, they only barks when they want to play, or if some other dog barks. When we are at home, she never barks.


Behavior of my smooth foxterier Bella

When my Bella was little, around two months, her mother was poisoned by some village boys. So, her mother unfortunately died. The four puppies were left alone, without mother. But there were also other dogs - the owner was rescue dog breeder.

That's why my Bella is sometimes still very gentle and shy, but sometimes fearless and playful. I really couldn't desire different dog. She is perfect for me. She likes to eat, play and sleep. When she go to sleep, she always come on my bed, go to my feet, under the blanket and fell asleep. She can sleep all day and all night if she feels so. She likes to go out on the walk, where she can run, smell, play with other dogs and run after the birds. But the most important - she loves me and my boyfriend and she surely can show that very obviously.

Smooth foxterier Bella


Dog school for foxteriers

I must say, i'd really recommend the dog school for foxteriers. They have so much energy and they are really fabulous for agility and flyball competitions. My Bella was in first dog school last year and she learned to obey. She already knows what means sit, lay, please, give hand, high five, turn around, and much more. I was at first very much against this dog school, but i figured out, that they like it and that it's good for them.

It's even good for the owner of a dog, because you can learn many things. Not just how to say that the dog is good. But also when is the right time to get the reward to your dog, when is the time to let him off the collar and much more.

I don't support the shock collar. You can learn your dog many things at the beginning with food or treats, but than you stop slowly with treats and learn him to get a toy for reward. Or that you can play with him for reward. It's not easy, but It's possible.

Funny - smooth foxterier vs. ducks

Toys for dogs

And for last, I'll mention the dog toys. I can't tell you, how did I search for perfect toy for my dog. I went in many shops and bought many toys. But they all ended on sam place - in trash. Why? Because my dog likes to bite every toy.

And than I found KONG toys for dogs. And this sure are the best toys for dogs. They simple can't destroy them. But, I still thing that if you want best toy for your dog, you can choose between:

- ball,

- flying disc,

- or toys where you can hide treats in it.

These are the best choice for your dog. You'll make a better day to your dog and he'll put a smile on your face.

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