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Snakes of Kerala

Updated on February 4, 2020

Snakes are the most frightening and dangerous reptiles in the world. Many varieties of snakes are found in Kerala. In Kerala large numbers of people are dying because of the snake bites. Various non-venomous snakes can also be seen in Kerala. Rat snake is one of the popular nonpoisonous snakes seen in every states of Kerala. The Rat snake's main food is rats, frogs etc. These snakes have the ability to climb the trees, houses etc. Another snake that can be seen is the water snake. Water snakes are usually found in ponds, Wells, paddy fields etc. These snakes don't have any venom to inject. Pythons are another type of non-venomous snakes which are usually found in forests. These pythons are dangerous snakes because of its strength. Pythons kill their enemies by wrapping and crush them till they die. There are many snake catchers or snake masters in Kerala. Vava Suresh and Shamsudheen are two famous snake catchers of Kerala. They people catch the snakes without hurting and leave them to the forests or hand over to the forest department. Some of the dangerous snakes that are found in the state of Kerala are shown below

Dangerous Snakes of Kerala

1. King cobra

King cobra is one of the popular poisonous snakes that are found in Kerala. King Cobra got its name because of its frightening behavior and looks. These snakes are the longest poisonous snakes which are rarely seen in Kerala. For defending, King cobras raise its head and expand its neck with a hissing sound to frighten its enemies. These snakes are very aggressive and have quick movements. The rats, birds, frog, birds are some of the small foods that are eaten by a King Cobra. The King cobra eats other snakes too. While staying with the eggs King Cobras becomes more aggressive and protect the eggs. King cobra is very much different from the normal cobra snakes found in Kerala. In Kerala King Cobra is called in the name "Raja Vembala".

King cobra


2. Cobra

Cobras are dangerous poisonous snakes which are seen in every districts of Kerala. These snakes also have the ability to expand its neck to frighten the enemies comes to it. Cobras that are found in Kerala have a "U" shaped sign at the back of its head. These snakes also produce hissing sounds for defending against enemies. Frogs are the main food of this reptile. These snakes do not have the ability to move faster. In Kerala many people have died because of the cobra bites. In Kerala Cobra is called as "Moorkhan". Cobras are the main snake which the snake charmers carry to show the people in streets. Female cobras lay more than 20 eggs and they protect these eggs very safely. These snakes are usually found in villages of Kerala.



3. Russell's Viper

Russell's viper is another dangerous snake which is found in Kerala. These snakes are having a triangular head and have rounded signs on the body. These snakes are having toxic venom and can kill number of people. These snakes are having slow movements but are very aggressive. This Viper is usually found in grass areas. In Kerala Russell's Viper is called in many names such as "raktha anali", "chenathandan", "mandali" etc.

Russell's viper



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    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      7 months ago from South India

      You have to include common commo krait (velli kettan), and non venomous python (perumpamb), water snake (neerkoli), rat snake (chera), etc. which are also common in kerala and also first aid as well as anti-venom used on snake bite.

    • profile image

      Preetham lal 

      3 years ago

      A very good information ....Thanks...

    • sujithbeta profile imageAUTHOR

      Sreejith k 

      7 years ago from Kerala, India

      Thank you for giving me the difference between those words. was not aware of that

    • ChristopherJRex profile image

      Christopher Rex 

      7 years ago from Durham, NC

      Thank you for teaching us a bit about a neat little corner of India! I would like to mention that although you use the terms "venomous" and "poisonous" interchangeably, they are significantly different words with very different meanings. Only a couple of snake species worldwide can be considered "poisonous" (being toxic to consume), whereas ~1,200 species of snakes can be considered "venomous" (having a toxic bite). More information on distinguishing poisonous and venomous animals can be found in my hub on the topic: . Maintaining a healthy respect for (and not indiscriminately killing) these marvelous creatures (snakes) is of paramount importance, as we are just now realizing how much pharmaceutical potential there is in studying their venoms and biology (for more information on that, please read one of my other hubs: ). Do keep safe out there.

    • sujithbeta profile imageAUTHOR

      Sreejith k 

      7 years ago from Kerala, India

      Yes you are right dailytop. Try to keep away from them

    • dailytop10 profile image


      7 years ago from Davao City

      snakes are really dangerous. I've came across one already and the experience was nothing but horrifying.


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