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Snuggle Safe Heat Pad

Updated on October 24, 2012

Everyone likes a nice snuggle with a warm and fuzzy toy and cats and dogs are no exception. There are numerous heated dog beds available, as well as heated cat beds, but some people aren't comfortable using an electrical bed for Fido or Garfield. If that sounds like you, you're in luck -- the Snuggle Safe heating pad gets the job down without having to be plugged in. You simply toss it into the microwave, follow the directions for heating and voila...! Warm and snuggly object of affection for 12 or so hours! Not only that, but you can also buy adorable snuggly covers in the shape of a dog or cat that your 4-legged baby can cozy up to in the winter months. You might even want to get one for yourself!

Snuggle Safe Heatpad

The SnuggleSafe contains a non-toxic substance called Thermapol which heats up when placed in the microwave. Once heated it will stay warm for 12 hours during which time your dog or cat can curl up with it and stay warm. This is perfect for puppies or kittens or their mothers in the whelping box. It can also be used to keep rabbits and other animals warm -- but it's not meant to be used as a toy and shouldn't be chewed on; make sure you don't inadvertently encourage your pet to play or chew on it. The snuggle safe is made of plastic and should always be covered when in use. You can buy one of the fancy covers seen below if you'd like a backup for laundry day.

Snuggle Safe Cover

This soft and fuzzy snuggle safe cover is pictured in blue but they come in several patterns and colors. The cover opens and closes via velcro and it can be washed in the washing machine. Your Snuggle Safe heatpad should always be used with a cover and should come with one, but a backup is always a good idea so that you can always have it covered when one's in the wash.

Snuggle Safe Dog Cover

How cute is Bonzo the snuggle safe dog cover?!? This is a great way to comfort puppies who are crate training over night, but it's also a fantastic snuggle toy for any dog of any age who just likes to keep warm and cozy in bed. The snuggle safe cover zips closed and is washable. Read the reviews and you'll see that dogs absolutely love this!

Cat Snuggle Safe Cover

Bruno the cat is just as cute as Bonzo the dog! Whether you've got a cat or dog (or rabbit, etc) they will love to cuddle with this creative snuggle safe cover. Put your heated snugglesafe heatpad inside, zip him up and let your pet snuggle up to him for 10 hours of warmth. Heck, I'd like one of these for myself!


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