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A Facebook Page Glorifying Animal Abuse?

Updated on October 3, 2011

Just today I told my mother I believe that people are inherently evil but we can do good things which should not be overlooked. But after opening a link my friend sent me that lead to a Facebook page glorifying animal abuse and torture it seems my assumptions about humans weren’t too far from the truth. The page, called “Dile Si Al Maltrato Animal”, posts videos, links, and pictures showing the page administrators performing abuse and torture on domestic dogs and puppies. The profile picture shows two young adult men, maybe fresh high school graduates, smiling, middle fingers raised, showing off their new kill: a small puppy dangling on a string by its neck. Scrolling down the page proved to be even more sickening. From pictures of dogs lying in puddles of their own blood to dogs listed as targets of the boys’ next sick violent display, the posts were beyond horrific for an animal lover like myself. But perhaps the most disturbing thing about this page was its rapid growth rate. When I first opened the page the number of people who liked the page was at 844. After perusing the filth and looking for a way to report the bastards I returned to the home page to find that the number of fans had grown by 100! That’s 944 after only 5 minutes! A Couple minutes later they were up to 985. What makes this worse is the fact that they promised to kill and torture another animal for every new person to like the page.

I did what I could with what little information their page provided (which was only the name of the page and nothing else) and reported them to Facebook about 3 times. I posted a warning on my status with a link to the page (which miraculously stopped working) so other people could report them too, and I joined counter pages that are working to get these boys behind bars. But the fact that these counter pages have only 148 fans in comparison to that sleaze’s near-1,000 is nauseating. And while that page’s popularity skyrocketed almost exponentially, the page that gave a voice to the victims of their sick pastime barely got 2 more fans within the 10 minutes I spent reading the comments of support on their photos of the bastards. They were able to find and provide names and locations for the creeps but seeing as the boys are in Italy there’s not much else I could do. That’s why I’m writing this: I want people to know that this kind of crap is going on and getting support and I want someone to find a way to get these kinds of people behind bars.

Animal cruelty is not a joke. It’s not entertaining. It’s murder and it’s evil. Animals are living things, very similar to young children. They act on instinct so if they happen to lash out it’s mostly from fear or retaliation, maybe even frustration or anger. But the fact is animals are just as capable as humans of feeling basic emotions. And they can certainly feel and express pain. They are not toys without brains, nerves, or souls. It’s not fun for the cat to be swung around by its tail or for a dog to be forced into sexual acts on a human. How can anyone mistake a cat’s howl or a hound’s pleading whimper for a sound of pleasure? All animals have the capacity to cry out and voice their discomfort. And if they have no voice they have faces. Did you know that “both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion [and] dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears?” Animals are highly intelligent and perceptive. There really is no reason to treat them as beasts when they are so unique and special.

I am not saying that animals should have the right to vote or that animals are equal to humans, but I am saying that all living things have the right to safety and the freedom to live without fear or pain. And I am also saying that people who violate that right for people and for animals should be prosecuted and brought to justice. How can we live with a sense of peace about our own wellbeing if there are people who are willing to inflict pain on something living? A post in one of the discussion boards on the page said that this behavior is only a precursor to something more violent. That’s not too hard to believe considering that a person would have to ignore the signs of pain and sadness in the eyes of a puppy and ignore the frantic wailing of a tortured cat to enjoy inflicting this kind of abuse. Who knows what else a killer ignores when he bathes his hands in blood…

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Please do what you can to help stop animal abuse.
Please do what you can to help stop animal abuse.
Please do what you can to help stop animal abuse.


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    • profile image

      Mar 3 years ago

      Please everyone sign here to stop facebook from allowing animal torture pictures:

    • profile image

      dawg 5 years ago

      Poor, sweet dog in the biggest photo, she gazes at the camera so calmly...And the number of likes for the boy's Facebook page! Can it be real that the number of likes went up so fast! What evil lurks in the hearts of men. The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty. (Psalms 74:20)

    • profile image

      dan 6 years ago

      just browsing, now i feel sick. loving on all my dogs almost in tears thinking if anything ever happened to them like that...i killed in the military because i had to, those boys i would torture because i wanted to. cant bring myself to watch any of it.those poor tortured souls, please for gods sake make these people go away,

    • profile image

      Elke 6 years ago

      I know it is already some time ago.... But you said in your text that the two who have been hanging a pup and torturing it and 2 more dogs, are Italiens. Could you please tell where you got this information from? Because that is the first time I heard it.And do you know by now if those monsters have been caught ? Nobody seems to know. But this photo came up and people ask what happenend finally.....

    • Violet Wood profile image

      Violet Wood 7 years ago from South Florida

      Of course! Here are the three pages I joined along with some pages that are simply advocating for animals:

      Hope you like what you find on these pages. And be sure to check out you local humane societies and resuce shelters for more info on stopping animal abuse.

    • profile image

      OneWhoWantsToHelp 7 years ago

      I've seen that disguisting site too, and it shocked me.

      I couldn't believe people are doing such things to them.

      And I want to help more, so do you mind saying what pages did you join that are against that type of things?