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So You Want A Parakeet

Updated on August 18, 2013

Some Beautiful Parakeets In These Photos

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Plum Headed ParakeetBlue Nosed Parakeet
Plum Headed Parakeet
Plum Headed Parakeet
Blue Nosed Parakeet
Blue Nosed Parakeet

How To Choose Your Parakeet

Here on this Hub Page you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about picking and choosing a parakeet. My only suggestion about picking a bird is to go and check out several different locations that sell parakeets before you decide on one. if your like me you'll know the bird you want when you see it. I usually pick birds that I see watching me and checking me out. If a bird looks like its trying to flee from you or the seller of the birds then you don't want that bird. Your also better off to go with as young a parakeet as you can find.

Parakeets Are Friendly Intelligent Companions

If your looking for a friendly intelligent companion you can't go wrong with choosing a parakeet. A lot of people who want a bird as a pet choose a parakeet as their first bird. You will find that parakeets can be really friendly and if you take your time and are persistent you can teach your parakeet some basic tricks. Some birds will be able to learn more than other birds. Just like people some birds are smarter than other birds.

Set Up Your Parakeets Cage Before You Bring It Home

Before you bring your parakeet home be sure to buy a cage and line its bottom with newspaper. You should also provide a mirror, bells,perches, and a food and water dish. All of these things should be in place before you bring the parakeet home. Be sure that your bird has plenty of toys because a bored bird can develop bad behaviors.

Be careful where you buy your bird. You want to know where your bird came from and you want to know its health. Its very important that you make sure your bird is healthy when you bring it home especially if you have other birds at home.

Be sure that your bird comes from a place where the birds are well cared for and not over crowded in cages. The birds should be healthy and they should be being fed clean food and their food should include plenty of fruits and vegetables.Check to see if the water is clean in the cages where the birds are being kept. And I suggest you visit at least a couple of times before you buy your bird or birds.

Be Careful Where You Buy Your Parakeet And Use Care Choosing It

You never want to buy a bird that stays on the bottom of the cage or if the bird has unclean vents or crusty collections around its nostrils. If the birds don't look healthy where your buying your bird or birds then go to a different place to get your bird or birds.

Once you get your bird home let it get used to you and its surroundings before you start trying to work with it. Just change its food and water daily and leave it along for a few days. You can play soft music in the room to help the bird get used to its surroundings. The first thing you should try to teach your bird is to teach it to perch on your finger. Most parakeets are fairly smart and they should pick this up rather quickly. If your calm and persistent you'll be able to teach your bird a lot. Just remember to be patient.

You should know that seeds are a common cause of bacterial infections in birds so you should convert your bird to feed on pellets as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to leave a small dish of food pellets in the birds cage at all times and just give the bird a small dish of seeds a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Leave the seeds in the cage for only a half hour each time and then take them out. Watch your bird and after a short time you can cut the seeds out all together and let the bird feed on pellets only.

Parakeet Care Sheet

A lot of people don't know it but parakeets are small members of the parrot family and they can become excellent mimics. Be careful what you say around your bird because it will quite often repeat what it hears. Especially words you repeat often.

The average adult size of a parakeet is about seven inches from the top of its head to the end of its tail. And depending on its health and how well you provide care for it the bird can be expected to live for 10 - 20 years.

Warning About Cookware And Your Parakeet

Use care about using non stick cookware around your parakeet because when you use the cookware it releases fumes into the air that can be toxic to your parakeet. For this reason if you have a parakeet and non stick cookware put your bird in a different part of the house from the kitchen.

What Not To Feed Your Parakeet

You should not give your parakeet alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, avocado fruit seeds, or seeds that smell funny or have mold on them. Be sure that you don't let your bird eat or drink things it shouldn't.

Pellet Food Is Best For Your Parakeet

You'll want to get your bird on the pellet form of parakeet food as soon as possible but this is sometimes a lot easier to say than do. Some birds will refuse to eat the parakeet feed pellets. If your bird is this way put a dish of seeds in the cage for thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening but leave the pellet food in the cage all the time. Eventually most birds will start feeding on the parakeet food pellets.

Keep Your Parakeets Cage Clean

Keep newspaper in the bottom of your parakeets cage and keep it clean. I change mine every day but change it often. You should be sure to thoroughly disinfect your parakeets cage, perches, food dish and water dish on a regular weekly basis. Use a bleach and water solution to make sure to disinfect your parakeets cage.

What Does A Healthy Parakeet Do

You'll notice that a healthy active parakeet will be eating and drinking through out the day. Your bird should be alert and sociable. Your bird should have a clean dry vent and the feathers should appear well groomed. If you ever suspect your bird is having a problem you should take it to a veterinarian. And you should hunt down a good vet that sees birds before you need one. Don't wait until you need a vet before you find one.

Your Parakeets Nails

You need someone who knows what they are doing to trim your birds nails on a regular basis. Keep a eye on its nails and you'll know when they need trimmed.

Water For Your Parakeet

You need to provide your bird with clean chlorine free water both for drinking and bathing. Your bird will want a bird bath often and you'll need to provide the bird with clean lukewarm water for your birds bath. I use bottled water for all my birds needs.

Don't Chill Your Bird

Your bird should never be exposed to drafts or cold air coming in from outside so be sure where you put your birds cage. This is very important.

Treats For Your Parakeet

You can provide your parakeet with fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack or treat but treats should not exceed 10 percent of the birds diet.

Continue To Do Your Own Research About Parakeets

be sure to continue to do your own research about parakeets. Parakeets for Dummies is a book anyone keeping parakeets should purchase and read. You should also keep a journal about your parakeet or parakeets. Make careful notes that you can refer back to later.

A Parakeet In The Wild In India
A Parakeet In The Wild In India

Be Sure To Entertain Your Parakeet.

Offer your parakeet fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Your bird will like sliced apples, oranges, carrots, parley, cooked yams, and etc. Some foods may need to be chopped up. Most birds will let you know rather quickly what they like and don't like. If you offer your bird something a time or two and it doesn't show any interest you probably need to try something else.

Your Bird Or Birds Need Thirty Minutes Of Your Time Every Day

You need to give your bird at least thirty minutes of your time a day. This is very important because your bird will get bored very quickly if you don't spend any time with it. You should know that if you have a pair of parakeets that they will bond rather quickly with each other but if you spend time with them on a regular basis they will accept you as part of their family. You should talk and sing with the birds and try to get them to set on your finger and shoulder.

You May Need To Have Two Parakeets Instead Of One

If you are going to be gone for most of the day you'll really need to have two parakeets instead of one because one bird will be to lonely left all day by its self. Parakeets can talk and how much they talk will really depend on you. The more time you spend with your bird or birds the more they should learn to talk. Always be kind and gentle with your bird or birds and they will reward you with affection and love.

Let Your Bird Or Birds Out Of The Cage When You Can Do So Safely

You really should let your bird or birds have some time out of the cage every day and you will have a lot happier parakeet. A lot of parakeets can be trained in time to come outside their cage and to retreat to their cage when they feel threatened or want some private time. You can leave a radio station playing on the radio during the day when your gone and your bird or birds will let you know when you've found their favorite station. If they sing along with the songs they probably like whats going on.

Parakeets Get Bored Easily And Need Toys To Be Happy

Your parakeet or parakeets will need mirrors, bells, and other toys to keep them entertained. They do get bored easily so keep trying to come up with something new for your bird or birds on a regular basis.

Watch That Cat When The Parakeet Is Out Of Its Cage

Use caution if you have a cat or cats and let your parakeet or parakeets out of their cage. A cat can grab a bird quickly and it can often be hard to get a parakeet away from a cat. Quite often a severe injury can occur when the bird is grabbed and your cat is a lot quicker than you think. I have one parakeet that loved to torment a old black and white Tom Cat named Sox that I had. The parakeet would say kitty kitty kitty any time he saw the cat. Sadly I lost Sox to feline diabetes in December 2012 and as of yet I've not heard the parakeet say kitty kitty kitty again even though there is a cat in the house.

Parakeets For Dummies Is A Great Book

If your planning on keeping a parakeet or parakeets you should buy a book like the book called , " Parakeets For Dummies " above. That book has a lot of great information about parakeets.

You should also keep in mind that your parakeet or parakeets will be around for for five to eight years and their have even been some birds that have lived for up to fifteen years so keep in mind that your bird or birds will be around for a long time. Be sure you want a bird before you get one.

If you are thinking of buying a parakeet or a pair of parakeets be sure to do plenty of research and learn everything possible before you buy your first bird. It would be a really good ideal to purchase a book like the , " Parakeets For Dummies " and read it before you buy that first bird. The more you know about parakeets the happier you and your bird or birds will be.

I hope you have enjoyed my Hub Page about Parakeets and I hope you found information here to help you. If you have comments, questions, or tips about parakeets please post below in the comments section now and thanks for reading.

© 2011 Thomas Byers

Please Post Your Comments, Tips, Or Suggestions About Parakeets Now. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • JohnM profile image


      6 years ago from Miami Florida

      Beautiful pictures and parakeets. Parakeets make great pets. I have three. Thanks CHG for a wonderful well done Hub Page with lots of great information. Anyone that has a parakeet should read this information.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks much for your comment. It is appreciated.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      I am at a crossroads at the moment.

      I miss having a dog around so much but our landlord does not allow pets here.

      Which is why I have been steering close to getting another pet (Memeber of the family).

      This is why this one is so useful.

      I vote up,you take care and enjoy your day.



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