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Soggy Dog Towel Review

Updated on February 28, 2010

Bath time for Fido can result in a very wet house if you don't manage to get him dried up before he exits the bathroom. Not to mention how soaked your bathroom can get if he starts shaking the water off before you even have a chance to get him sopped up. This is particularly true if you've got a long haired breed of dog, or perhaps even a short haired breed with fur that tends to hold onto water for a long time. Normal towels, no matter how thick they are, just don't seem to soak water up fast enough. Fortunately, there's a nifty little dog towel that does and it's called the Soggy Dog Towel. My little princess got one this Christmas and we absolutely love it!

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Soggy Dog towel's funny shape

The first thing you'll notice about the Soggy Dog towel is that it's not shaped like any other towel you've seen. It's shaped like a wide X and the corners are actually pockets. This is actually quite clever because traditional towels are annoying as heck when you're trying to wrap them around your hand or around Fido's paws to soak up the water.

How do you use it?

This is the easiest part! If you're just drying paws, you can simply slip your hands into the pocket and then dry the paws off. If you're drying the entire body you can drape the towel over Fido's back with each part of the X hanging down over a leg. You can dry the back off before Fido shakes all that water around the bathroom and then put him on the bath rug and dry each paw off. The towel soaks up water so well and so fast that you'll be thrilled! Note that you can also get the paw towel which is basically just a long strip with pockets on both sides and then you can dry paws off without needing the big towel.

What's it made of?

These Soggy Dog towels (they come in 3 sizes) are made of heavyweight, super absorbent, pure cotton terrycloth. (Note that it's very soft and doesn't feel like the terrycloth robe your grandma used to spend Sunday mornings in!) They will not shrink in the washer or dryer and they are color-fast so they won't share their colors with your whites or whatever else. They come in pink, blue and green and I have to say they are really quite chic and super duper!

Is it expensive?

The little Soggy Paws towels are about 15 bucks and the Soggy Dog towels are about 23 bucks. There isn't a big difference between the medium and large towels so you may want to go with the larger size (although I'm quite pleased with my medium!)


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