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My Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot

Updated on January 20, 2012

Solomon Islands Eclectus Pair

A fabulous feathered friend!

The idea of a pet bird was not something I had previously considered. To be honest, I was kind of afraid of birds. Those beaks looked like they could hurt! And let's face it, how cuddly and interactive could a bird be? Then I met this green feathered fellow named Paulie at a local pet supply store. Paulie was a Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot. He had been brought to the store by his owner who had apparently decided that a bird wasn't a good pet for him.

A person couldn't help but feel sorry for him as he sat on his perch atop his cage with his head hung. It was clear to see he was sad. The owner of the shop explained his circumstances. She explained to me that birds get very attached to their owners and that this guy was indeed, depressed. This fascinated me. I started visiting him every week just to see for myself what would happened to him.

The first couple of weeks, Paulie didn't pay much attention to me. He certainly wouldn't let me touch him. He didn't look quite as pathetic as he had at first, so it seemed his spirits were improving. After about a month of my visits, he started responding to my voice when I would enter the shop. You could see him crane his neck around boxes to peek over the top and look for me. He was growing on me. I started to bring him salads, nuts and mixed vegetables. He started to climb onto my hand and let me hold him and pet his back.

Of course, the rest is history! Paulie has been with us four years now. In spite of my initial fear of birds, especially one with a large beak, I have never regretted bringing him home. He is a wonderful companion, as are many birds. They get very attached to their humans and can be extremely entertaining and interactive.

The Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot makes a wonderful pet bird. They are relatively quiet birds, although be warned, they do let out a loud squawk from time to time. Most often when you don't expect it. Paulie is a very gentle and loving bird. He has never tried to bite or showed any type of aggression as is common in some of the larger birds.

Caring for a bird is a little more complicated than I had anticipated prior to having one as a pet. You must absolutely clean the food and water dishes every day. The cage must be kept very clean, being scrubbed down and disinfected on a regular basis. Fresh paper daily. In addition, Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots need to be bathed. Paulie likes to have a shower about three times a week.

As for diet, from what I understand, many birds can be fed a pellet diet. This is not recommended for the Solomon Island Eclectus. They need a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and nuts. I do supplement Paulie's diet with some enriched pellets, but he gets a nice, big, fresh salad every day. Properly cared for, the lifespan of these birds is approximately 45 years.

You know that saying "bird brain"? Well, it's not true! Birds are very intelligent and need to have engaging and challenging toys to play with that are changed out regularly to keep them interested. Not a huge talker, Paulie has a few words that he says from time to time. He likes to whistle and mimic sounds he hears around the house. He is really good at barking like our Chihuahua which, thankfully, he doesn't do often.

If you've considered getting a bird as a pet, check the Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot. These are sweet, loving and gentle birds that will make themselves very much a part of your life.

Eclectus playing Peekaboo


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    • vmott profile image

      vmott 5 years ago from Ozark Mountains

      @Ann1Az2, Please feel free to share. These birds are fascinating, aren't they? Mine is such a lover boy!

      And I would love to know how things are going with your new baby bird @Werna.

      Thank you both for your kind comments.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 5 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Excellent article! I enjoyed it very much. I wrote an article about my eclectus - a female, but not a Solomon Island one. I'd like to link this to mine, if that's ok. Feel free to link mine. Thanks!

      Voted up.

    • profile image

      Werna 5 years ago

      I got 1 2weeks ago its 7weeks now it's a female and I love it to bits.My whole Family Love Baby so much and I agree its must have!!!

    • vmott profile image

      vmott 6 years ago from Ozark Mountains

      Thank you for the comments! These birds are SO sweet! Great pets!

    • myawn profile image

      myawn 6 years ago from Florida

      This bird is beauitful. I would love to have one,but afraid I might get bit.Good Hub!!

    • Cammiebar profile image

      Cammiebar 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      This makes me want one! Maybe one day haha Good Hub!