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Solutions for your cat’s stinky litter box

Updated on February 10, 2018

I've always said I wasn't a cat person, but of course every time my family gets a cat I fall in love with it. Recently our families cat disappeared and I swore I wouldn't get another, ‘they get hair every where, their litter box stinks, bla, bla, bla.' Yeah well when you live in a big old farm house a cat is a necessity, so of course we got another beautiful kitten for me to love and feed and WHAT, I still have to clean the litter...LOL Okay so I knew that was coming but this time I've come to a solid conclusion, I am not sharing my cats stink with family and guests. As I've learned over the years they aren't many places to keep a litter box with out completely forgetting about it or having it in a space that everyone can see and smell it . So I thought hmmm is anyone else having this trouble, I mean finding a place for that kitty litter. Well after a few cats and many different types of homes I've come up with some spots and ides to cover conceal and hid the litter in your house as well as my own.

First of all almost every person I know who has a cat keeps the litter box in their bathroom, first of all I have to say yuck. I know it seems a logical place to keep it, I mean we know what we do in a bathroom so the cat should do it in there too right. Wrong! I mean unless you have a bathroom that never gets used by your friends, kids and other guests then ok, but just don't forget about it, well get into that later. So where do you keep it well here are my suggestions, I find a great place is the laundry room, especially one with a door(s) that way you can easily leave it open a crack for the cat, or put in a small door. This is extremely helpful if you have a dog that enjoys munching on the kitties you know.... Anyway the laundry room is good because chances are you use it frequently so the litter will be cleaned regularly and the smell from your laundry will help cover any fresh scents lingering from the litter. Another good spot is the basement, of course if your basement is really damp it might enhance the smell....

Ok so there really aren't that man y places to keep the litter with out the whole world knowing you have a cat but you can at least try. If your cat throws his/her litter all over the place make sure you have a box with a lid or cover, if you can't afford one you can make one simple enough.

Use a cardboard box that fits right over the litter box, cut edged from top and cut a door hole in top or side, use sticky Velcro to adhere box to the wall just above the box, above high enough to catch the flying litter and high enough that you can easily slide the box out for cleaning.

For keeping down the small in your kitties litter you should sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom before you replace the litter. If you are using a lid try one of those fridge baking soda stickups, replace according to directions. Try hanging drier sheets or spray a mix of lemon juice and water around box giving a lemon fresh scent. Change litter frequently I would say once a week for every cat, wash the litter box at least once every month using bleach works well. Replace the box at least once a year, the plastic hold in the smell and frankly it's kind of gross, you can buy them at the dollar store so don't worry about spending a bundle only a few bucks a year, not including the food, litter and vet costs....

And in case you are and out of sight out of mind kind of person then leave a few reminder here and there, like....

Change litter-

Does the cat stink yet-

Whats that smell-

Ha, ha any reminder will do...Just keep it clean and out of sight, if you can...

Our new smelly cat
Our new smelly cat


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    • profile image

      Sinnus Sammus 

      6 years ago

      Yup, diet is key to reducing smell. Many less expensive cat foods, either dry or canned use fillers, such as corn, glutens, various by-products etc. The cat doesn't digest this material, so it comes out the other end smelling horrible.

      Why do they add this non-digestible material?

      To bulk out the product; corn etc. and by-products are cheaper than whole meats. They're literally filling that can of food with whatever they can, to get to the desired weight and keep the cost down.

      Whereas, more nutritional foods, whether it's Wellness or Nature's Variety etc, used whole meats as their main ingredient and much less, if any, fillers.

      The downside to this is it's considerably more expensive per feeding. Consider a can of Friskies @ $0.50 / each. Now consider that a can of grainfree Wellness of the same quantity, costs $1.60 / each. The upswing is that you're increasing the chances of minimizing veterinarian bills over the long-run. Pay attention to Feline Feast 'Classic'; some are actually 'ok'. The trick is finding these particular version of their foods.

      You have to decide whether or not you can afford to feed a cat an appropriate diet. Or, take your chances and continue feeding grocery store quality foods.

      Be aware of the recommendations of your veterinarian. It is not always in the best interest of your pet. Many times, it's in the best interest of their end margin.

      It's 2012 and many vets. are still recommending dry foods as the primary diet. This is horrible advice. Dry food can lead to chronic dehydration, diabetes, liver/kidney problems, terrible teeth etc. Regardless of what your vet. believes, dry food simply does not clean cat's teeth. And, as we know, periodontal problems in cats can be very,very expensive.

      Clean their teeth if possible, or stick to canned wet food and/or raw food diet. Even a raw chicken thigh/wing will help them clean their teeth.

      Be aware that the pet food industry is big business. Many veterinary colleges are directly funded by pet food manufacturers. As well, Veterinarians attend classes which are taught by members of the pet food industry. That's hardly 3rd partly unbiased advice. This is precisely where Vets. are being misinformed about problems arising from a dry food diet.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      If you feed your cat quality food and scoop daily (would you want to use a toilet filled with pee and poo?), smell isn't a problem. My husband and I and our cat live in a 400 sq ft apartment and never smell anything! At all! I scoop once or twice a day. We feed Wellness or Evo canned. Feeding great food also means less vet bills later.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi- I wouldn't suggest using the lemon juice around the litterbox, most cats HATE the smell of lemon juice.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Seems to me that putting the litter box in a laundry room would cause the oder from the litter box to obsorb into the clothes that seems yucky to me.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      dryer sheets are deadly to cats

    • raguett profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      I added more links......check them out


    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 

      10 years ago from Washington MI

      Good hub. I liked the cardboard idea. I live in a apartment with 2 cats. Unfortunately i keep the litter box in the bathroom in the closet. I don't use the closet for anything else except the box. I leave the door ajar. I use the clumping litter and clean it several times a day. So I don't have a stinky problem. The bathroom isn't my favorite place but there is no other option.


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