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Natural Pet Food Supplement™

Updated on January 17, 2011

Myself,  and anyone reading this article knows just how our pets are very important to us in our lives.Since they age so much faster then we do Somapet foood supplement was created to not just provide our dos,cats, and horses with more time with us but a healthier life as well.

Due to the big change in the diets they originally had for centuries to the highy processed diets they now have, A need is there, hence the creation of somapet

A patented amino acid stack for animals over three years of age that delivers the building blocks for them to renew and repair on the metabolic and digestive levels .as well as slowing down the degenerative breakdown of aging .

It is a powder form you simply sprinkle on top of their foods, the amount depends on their weight, the taste they enjoy. The results are very fast to notice true company testimonials attest to it. Better health/mood, shiny coats,quicker injury recovery,stronger immune system. All cost effective due to the reduction of high $$$ veterinary bills.

This product is not available in stores and will not be anytime soon. It is sold through direct sales with direct drop shipping to your door. You may order through my member acoount of Claude Edwin theriault , open a preferred customer account so you can order your own .Or if you wish to use Web 2.0 social media mediums like videos or blogging as I do with growing success you can promote this as well as other great anti -aging longevity products for humans that SomaLife has.

For someone looking for a Home MLM business this a great opportunity to combine both and interest and a livelihood. Check the link to the company below. And discover.

Pet food supplement

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