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Some pros and cons when owning a ferret!

Updated on May 29, 2014

Frodo looking very cute

Pokey eating kitten food


Scroll down a bit to get straight to the pros and cons!

As I write this I've had 4 ferrets in my life. 3 at one time, and now 1.
I currently have Pokey, a female light faced crazy, fun lil thing.
I use to have Frodo, Pickle and Newt, and I miss them quite a bit, but during my first pregnancy I was um....hit by a truck and was bed-ridden for many months so I had to sell them :( I MISS THEM AND LOVE THEM DEARLY.

Ferrets aren't for everyone so please read my entire hub and think carefully before choosing a ferret.

If your looking for a constantly fun, energetic, entertaining pet, definitely chose a ferret! Their goal in life is to play and to never stop playing.
If your looking for something to cuddle with and who doesn't need all your attention, chose a cat :)
If your looking for something who can learn tricks, and will listen to you and follow commands, chose a dog!

I have a small japanese chin dog who is bored quite a bit. Sure she gets her walks, but the cat never wants to play with her at home. Small, friendly, playful dogs LOVE ferrets! They will always have something to do, and something to play with if there is a ferret in the house :) Giving my dog a ferret is like giving her a toy that never stops! They get along perfectly and love each other.

A ferret will only calm down to sleep, spending most of it's time in search of new, interesting things to discover and play with. Most people cage their ferrets, but I do not. Ferrets can use a litter box and usually remember where it is. They will, however, make mistakes. I use a few litter boxes around the apartment and she uses the peepee pads for my dog as well! It works out great.

If you are planning on getting a ferret, please keep in mind they need lots of time to run and play, so keeping it in a cage all day and night is NOT good. They are social and need to continue to be social in order for them to stay happy and not turn vicious. In my experience they get along fine with cats and dogs. They will have to be monitored around children to make sure they aren't biting, hard!

Ferrets will bite either during play or out of fear/aggression. Mind you their bite during play is completely different and should never, ever draw blood. It will be more of a "nip". If your ferret is drawing blood and won't let go, bite back! don't actually have to put your teeth on it but I found that with a biter I use to have if I pinched her ear when she was biting me she would stop...And she stopped completely! She never bit me again.

The ferret smell doesn't bother me. But for others they just can't stand it. Ferrets are usually sold descented and fixed and really their smell is nothing compared to cat poop! :p

Ferrets have a few obsessions, chips and stinky things. They will attempt to steal your socks, and dig into your shoes as much as they possibly can. They also adore armpits. Yup.

It may be hard to walk around your house when your ferret is out as it will constantly be at your toes nibbling at them and chasing them. And do not even attempt to go to sleep if your ferret has access to your bedroom! For your sanity, keep your bedroom door closed while you sleep, or that ferret will be under the covers nipping at your toes the entire night lol.

Out of all the 4 ferrets I've owned I've never had one sleep next to me, on me, or even cuddle with me. Honestly I have no idea where this ferret I have now even sleeps! They will find a nice, small dark spot and you will usually have no idea where they are, unless they are in a cage!

Ferrets are very quiet and will only make a few different noises. One sounds almost like a hiss, but definitely not as intimidating. More like a silent scream lol. The other is their '"dooking" noises they make when they are having a GREAT time, I really love that noise!

Watch out if you like to keep things on the floor, if your ferret likes it you may find it stolen. Ferrets LOVE to steal your things and hoard them, putting them in a special spot. So you really must ferret proof your home. I've lost MONEY, tv remotes, cell phones etc. etc. thanks to ferrets hahaha.

Ferrets are great for people who know what to expect, and can handle their personalities and "quirks". They are not for everyone, so think long and hard before getting one!


A toy that only stops to sleep
Will use a litter box/peepee pads
Great for small, playful dogs
Great for kids to play with
Did I say hilarious?

Newt stealing a pair of underwear!

Newt escaped one day out of a TINY hole in a window. I was very distraught, I put up tons of posters around my neighborhood and luckily someone contacted me saying he found her and brought her to the SPCA!!! I had to pay to get her back lol
Newt escaped one day out of a TINY hole in a window. I was very distraught, I put up tons of posters around my neighborhood and luckily someone contacted me saying he found her and brought her to the SPCA!!! I had to pay to get her back lol


Will steal and hoard your things
Can get into VERY small places and can even get outside easily if there's a small hole in your wall, or if the window is open slightly
Some people don't like their smell
Will get into EVERYTHING
Can't be disciplined by saying NO
Doesn't get the hint when it's doing something wrong - For example, you are trying to walk from one room to another in your house, and the ferret is at your feet like crazy. You may shove it a bit or give it a slight kick to try to teach it to stop, but that'll only make your ferret want to play more lol
Can bite and draw blood (pinch their ear if they do)
Won't leave you alone lol
Won't really cuddle with ya but I've read that some people's ferrets will sleep on them
Not 100% litter box trained
Will climb up your pant legs, and constantly tickle you with their nose..wait, is that a con? :p
Did I mention they'll steal your things??
Will bath in that bowl of water you've just put down for it, instead of drink it.

Pickle - My first ferret ever!

Pickle and Newt - It's VERY hard to have just one ferret!

Having just one ferret may only last a few weeks, for some reason they are highly addictive so do not get one unless you may want another...and another....and another...
Having just one ferret may only last a few weeks, for some reason they are highly addictive so do not get one unless you may want another...and another....and another...

Their seems to be a lot of con's here but I'll say this - They're only con's to certain people, many might not care about a lot of that stuff. In MY opinion ferrets ROCK. My kids love em, my dog loves em, and they're great for a good laugh. I'm sure if you were having a bad day and a ferret were to jump on over to you, you wouldn't be able to not smile and laugh :) Their sound when they run on the floor is enough to put me in hysterics. They're great :)


I must say..Frodo was my fav. He was gorgeous and so playful. I sure miss lil Frodo!
I must say..Frodo was my fav. He was gorgeous and so playful. I sure miss lil Frodo!


If you have gotten this must love ferrets just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for readin my hub!


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    • profile image

      2 years ago

      you can tap the node of the ferret be i did that and my ferret don't bit no one they are the sweet ferret ever if you want me to tell you more about ferrets please email at thank you.from anjeilca

    • profile image


      2 years ago


    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I'm lucky my older ferret enjoys to cuddle but I have to coax him with belly rubs. xD

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dad can we pleaseeeee get a ferret i will do anything to get a ferret

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Can we pleaseeeeeee get one i will do anything and i give the cats attention and i know for sure that i will take extra good care of thi ferret PROMISE!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well, since this is your daddy, i can tell you that yes, any animal is too much to take care of when your interests change. Remember the cats we have that don't get any attention? Why will this pet be any different? It will take a lot for us to agree to another pet at this time..

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I want to get a ferret but my parents think there to much to take care of is that true?

    • jennajen26 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Halifax, NS

      i defintely would not let a ferret outside unattended. and they love to dig so they could easily get under a fence! you can let them free IN your house once you have ferret proofed the entire area they will be playing in. if your going to take one outside keep it on a leash and don't leave it unattended :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      So.. you can just let them off in the house?

      And, if you let them outside, should you fence a certain area? Or let them roam in your backyard?... Seems dangerous..

    • jennajen26 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Halifax, NS

      i was lucky with my Pokey, she just NEVER bites! saying 'no' or 'stop it' won't stop..scruff their necks and force them to relax that way. we have to do what momma ferret would do, and she would scruff. :)

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 

      7 years ago from kentucky

      My boyfriend and I currently got 2 ferrets and we are having a blast with them. Our little male, Scuttle is fairly lazy. He is about 9 weeks old and will sleep in my lap, takes him a while to wake up and get into play mode :P Our female, Skooma is very hyper and a bit older, about 11 weeks. As soon as you pick her up from their cage it's go time. They get along great and are a blast to play with. Scuttle only nibbles when he is very hyper and in play mode. Skooma nibbles quite a bit as she is always in play mode, she has never drawn blood but has bitten harder than she should a few times.

    • profile image

      none of your business 

      7 years ago

      i used to own two ferrets and when i had one i thought that my one ferret was lonely so i got a anothor one and it was the best time of my live but now they have pasted away


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