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Speaking One Anothers Language, or Are We Left To Wonder?

Updated on March 30, 2012

Remmie - our newest addition

Ziggy & The Bun ("Ihop")

Animals enrich our lives....

Love this question asked by Charlu, "If you could talk to your pet for just one day what do you think the conversations would be about?" I started to answer it but when I went to post my answer, it was too long so hubbing on it was suggested instead. So here goes:

I'd love it if our goats understood that I know they are smarter than they want me to give them credit for and that the phrase "got your goat" came to be for a reason. We have two girls, Mitzi and Lacey and they are siblings. Lacey was the runt; she is fearless and is dominant over Mitzi. When one is the weakest and smallest, survival mode has to kick in. I'd like to know why Mitzi though, being she is larger, is more docile and timid.

The horses, well my mare "Crystal," I'd really like to hear straight from her mouth about her past. My understanding is she was "done" with people before my friend took her out of the barn she was in and rehabilitated her to where she would trust and show a willingness to please again. Did it really scar her to be used by people who only wanted to compete and didn't invest in a bond? I'd like to talk to her about how there are those who have a bias about her breed and in part at least, is probably the result of her mistreatment. What types of physical abuse did she have to endure showing on the A circuit in saddleseat? When I rode this discipline as a kid, I'd never heard of burning agents or chains used as training aids. It's been a while since we've done anything together other than trails. Does she miss the show ring at all? She was such a good girl for me the time I took her. She is a natural athelete and wonder if there is anything she misses about arena work. I'd like her to know that if she were younger and if I had more time, I believe we would have made a great endurance team. At the same time, she probably doesn't need to know this since she already knows I believe in her. Crystal isn't "alpha" any longer now that Remmie is here...a gelding we added to the family last summer. Is she sad because of this? Even though I love this new boy, she is still my girl and I hope she knows this.

Remmie and I are working on his overcoming fear issues and I am curious as to what all happened in his past too.....He is the sweetest thing and just loves attention. He is also ultra sensitive and last fall, the fifth time I got on him, he lost his brain and then lost me.....I got back on but it's been months since I've attempted to resume riding him. Now the days are longer, the weather is warming and we are able to play more. Remmie seems more relaxed and de-sensitized and our bond seems more solid. I'm eager to get back on. I can only read his body language and know I should look ahead and not at the past yet perhaps the past helps us understand and know how to deal with the present.

Our house bunny Ihop...I'd love to talk to her about her anxiety and help her overcome this. I believe it is because she was designed to be a prey animal. I just wish she could be re-programmed to know she lives in unusual circumstances, that she is extra blessed, and therefore does not need to fear. So in reassuring her of this, hopefully she'd stop scratching and chewing. Then I wouldn't have to worry about destructive behavior (or holes in material anymore) and we would not have to be concerned about leaving her unattended.

Our kitty cat "Ziggy," well I'd want him to understand how absolutely unique I think he is and how adorable. Never met a cat like this one.....yeah, he can be a cry baby and act like he is the only one in the universe who needs attention at times but he is a cruiser, "Mr. Go-with-the-flow". Even when he is desiring of affection, most cats would not put up with the smothering this one does, or as we refer to it, "Ziggy torture." He is amusing and cute and he more than puts up with us.

I thank God for our animals. Life is fuller because of them. For the most part, I think when we pay attention, we are able to understand a great deal of what they think or how they feel since they do attempt to communicate. It would be neat though to speak the same language for a day and experience more revelation of the mystery associated with these beloved creatures.


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  • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

    Jo_Goldsmith11 4 years ago

    Yea, good for you on this awesome article. I really enjoyed reading about if we could talk to our animals. I am sure if my dog Rasta could talk. She would tell me why she finally decided to stop fighting me for her baths!

    She always feels so much better after her weekly baths.

    Animals are the greatest companions we can have. In any form from fish, to cat or dog. I am not a bird person, but they are pretty cool too. I had to vote this up +++ it was a really heart touching article, thank you. :-)


  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 5 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Charlu for posing the question, for the visit, comments and the votes ups! Glad to meet here on hubpages, another who adores animals and children!

  • Charlu profile image

    Charlu 5 years ago from Florida

    Oh how I love this hub and all your animals, sounds a little like my house. I would actually have a few of the same questions. The picture of Ziggy and the Bun is so cute Thanks for answering my question with this great hub Take Care Voted up and awsome