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Spanish Alano

Updated on April 30, 2012

Spanish Alano

Origin of Spanish Alano

Spanish Alano is a large breed of dog that originated from Spain. The name Alano is derived from the original people who were associated with this dog. The Alans tribe also called Alani, Halani, Alauni was a sub tribe of the larger Samartian tribes. This people were associated with nomadic pastorolism. They required a good breed of hunting dog which also serve the purpose of livestock guarding. Another school of thought shares that this were dogs that travelled with the spanish explorer and were also involved in war. One of the most admirable characteristic of the Spanish Alano is their hunting skills. They were in the past used to hunt. Being a large breed the Spanish Alano could easily bring down a wild boar. One more thing that is unforgetable about this breed is their involvement in the spanish bullfighting. Due to the animal rights activism the involvement of Spanish alano in bullfighting was banned.

Spanish Alano Pets

Besides being a great hunting dog and guard dog Spanish Alano make wonderful pets. On average their life expectancy is about 12 years. Due to their thin hair coat they do not require too much attention as far as grooming is concern. If you own one as a pet it is recommendable you walk him regularly about two times a day is OK. They also make god playmates and running mates. Spanish Alanos being guard dogs they are very comfortable sleeping outside and they adapt to any weather condition considering the breed origin is Spain that experiences Low temperatures during the Spainish winter.

The temperament of Spanish Alano is dominant but very submissive to the owner who they regard as their master. In a family they make excellent pets they are affectionate and very good with kids. The only shortcoming is their suspicion towards strangers. For their loyalty they score highly as shown by their ability to hold onto prey regardless of the size during hunting. They only take order from the master. They are very obedient, brave, protective but not vicious. These characteristics may not be visible in the puppies but upon maturity they are seen. They are very sociable and always want to be park leaders. They cope well with other dogs since they are sociable in a park. Like all large breeds of dogs they require you to be a dominant owner to always be in control.

Spanish Alano Health Problems

Spanish Alano are tough and very resistant to canine diseases, may be due to their history working as tough hunting dogs and their regular activities. Rarely will you find a sickly Spanish Alano. For pure breed there is little documentation on the conditions that are in their genetic lineage. Though you may find some cross breeds with health problems, rarely will you see a pure breed with serious health problem.


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