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Specialty Dog Collars

Updated on November 12, 2014

Find The Dog Collar That's Right For Your Special Pooch

Cute and cuddly, all fluff, spoiled rotten or showing everyone including you whose boss. Your dog has it's own unique personality which no doubt you love. Why not show your off your pet pooch's uniqueness with a specialty dog collar? Treat your very best friend to something special this holiday season or any time of the year!

Does Your Dog Have An Attitude? Big or small, all dogs have some kind of an attitude- Why not indulge it? Stud collars or those with metallic spikes have traditionally been used to prevent another animal from biting the dog's neck. In ancient Greece, sheep dogs were given collars which had metal nails or spikes in order to prevent them from being eaten by wolves. Today the studs or spikes serve to add character and class to your dog collar.

Perfect Collars For Dogs With an Attitude... - Comes in black too.

Genuine Leather Spiked and Studded Dog Collar
Genuine Leather Spiked and Studded Dog Collar

This large hot pink genuine leather dog collar is made for medium to large dogs. It's got chrome plated spikes, accented with 88 polished pyramid studs and 12 round studs, to give your dog that fierce look. The spikes are high quality, heavily chrome plated. This collar is great for Dalmations, Dobermans, Chows and Golden Retrievers.


Perhaps your pooch prefers a little Bling Bling, vinyl or painted collars are often longer lasting and more durable. reflective collars ensure your dog can be seen from up to 1,000 feet away in the dark.

The Canine Companion

Dogs were one of the very first domesticated animals. In both the old and new world, dog remains have been found buried with human remains dating back 12,000 years. In ancient Egypt, dogs served as Gods and symbols even more than cats did. In Egyptian civilization, the use of dog collars became standard tradition for training dogs. These collars were often a work of art. In ancient Greece, dog collars were often studded with spikes and metal. During the Renaissance period, dogs became more common and collars which allowed for identification tags to be worn were created.

Dog collars can be used for identification, control, fashion or just plain fun!

Check Out My Hollywood Dog

The exciting new dog collar line that is already getting buzz

Created by sister duo, Hilary and Justine Maitland, My Hollywood Dog is a line of

luxury collars and leashes for pets with personality and style.

"We look at what's happening in fashion, movies, music, entertainment ... we take all

those influences into each collection and mix them with classic designs"

--Maitland Sisters

For more information on My Hollywood Dog, visit

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    • profile image

      katieross 5 years ago

      These are hilarious! I just got a new dog and I'm trying to decide what his personality is before getting a specialty collar, but your lens is making me anxious to choose one!

    • HorseAndPony LM profile image

      HorseAndPony LM 8 years ago

      Loved this. What a great selection. My favorite is the diamond dog collar. OMG, it's beautiful and what a cute dog. I have a no frills lab greyhound mix. He would be mortified if we decorated him. However, our pony loves his big hair and lots of bling.