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Splish, Splash, Pupper Bath

Updated on May 24, 2013
Beatrice Ann ~ love of my life!!!
Beatrice Ann ~ love of my life!!!

All clean now!

Two dogs clean, four ears clean, one pupper mom soaked. Yes, Beatrice and Finley Danielle had their baths tonight. Beatrice can't take off out of the tub, so, I did the easy one first. She stood there acting like she was merely tolerating the process, but, I know she really loved it. She prissed around afterwards, and sat on her end of the couch, her "perch", and licked her little paws. Because they weren't already wet enough.

Finley, on the other hand, is a different story. It certainly was much easier to bathe her when she was one fifth of her current size. I closed the bathroom door and got everything ready, and then I asked her to get into the tub. Fat chance. Suddenly her legs didn't work. She's flat out on the floor, and believe me, Finley being flat is a major accomplishment, but, she managed. It was as if she was trying to press herself into the design of the tile, and maybe I wouldn't notice she was lying there. She was so pressed down to the floor that perhaps if I was color blind, that might have worked, or at least I may have mistaken her for a bath mat.

Since asking her to get into the tub did not work, I had to put her collar back on her. I needed a hoisting device. I called upon every molecule in every cell of my biceps and my back and my strong leg muscles ~ go thighs go ~ to grab her, and at least get the front end into the tub. God help me, I had Fin in mid-air, and I started laughing. Uncontrollably. I was cursing myself at the same time. Yes, that is possible to do.

I didn't want to pay for the same real estate twice, so I tried desperately to keep her keaster in mid-air so as not to have to repeat that portion of the lift. My side started to hurt. Probably the laughing. It felt like someone was performing surgery on me and didn't bother to knock me out first. I drew upon every ounce of strength I had, and by sheer will of my deepest determination ~ a real mind over matter thing ~ I got some momentum going, and got the rest of her into the tub. Did you know you could put a dog into a tub ~ in pieces??? Yep. You can.

Next came the ear stuff. She. Did. Not. Like. That. Period. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Well, you get the idea. I begged her (I can't believe I'm begging this dog) to pleeeeeeaaassseee just stand still for a few minutes. She was beyond reasoning anything I was saying to her. She just flashed her big, brown eyes at me with a look that conveyed, "if I wasn't such a nice pupper, I would bite your nose off right now Mama!!"



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    • Bella Nina profile image

      Bella Nina 4 years ago from USA

      They are funny!! They keep me quite entertained, and feeling very loved!!!

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Funny stuff, and so true!