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Spotty's Two-Headed Calf

Updated on December 4, 2017

Two-Headed Calves

Two-headed calves are rare and most of them die at or shortly after birth. But in one case being dead did not prove an obstacle to a two-headed bull calf becoming something of a celebrity. In fact, once you look there are quite a few bicephalic calves that have been preserved and put on display. But this hub is about the one shown above, and in the other pictures on this page.


Spotty was the name of a cow that delivered a two-headed calf. The calf itself never seemed to acquire a name. It was born in 1941 on a dairy farm owned by Wilbur and Nellie Rasor.(Quite why the cow was called Spotty is a bit of a mystery--as she does not seem to have any spots.)

Tourist Attraction

The calf was stuffed and the Rasors charged tourists a dime to see it.The calf is pale brown and the taxidermy job does not seem to be especially accomplished.

After 1944 it was displayed next to a live two-headed bull called Andy D-Day. The calf became a bit of a foot note to the poster for the live freak, who liked to be fed saltines.

In 1956 death leveled the playing field again as Andy died and his head was preserved and displayed with the taxidermied calf.


Several postcards were made showing Spotty posing somewhat morbidly with the remains of her unfortunate calf. A lot have these cards must have been sold, as quite a few are still circulating as vintage collectables for relatively low prices,

And now....

Spotty's remains are in the possession of the Brookville Historical Society and are still on display in Brookeville, Ohio. (Picture of the current display here).

With the resurgence of interest in roadside attractions Spotty's calf has had a modest surge in popularity. At is as if the unlimited availability of sophisticated entertainment has made us nostalgic for the more basic kinds of entertainment of years past.

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