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The American Standardbred Horse Breed Facts and Information

Updated on May 18, 2011

The Standardbred Horse is by far one of the most famous of the trotting horse breeds. American Standardbred Horses were first given their names back in 1879 when the standard rules of horse trotting entries were raised to one mile in two minutes and 25 seconds. Although that speed may seem slow compared to the horses of today, due to generations of selective horse breeding, but at the time a horse trotting at one mile in two and a half minutes was quite an accomplishment. Very few horses were able to compete at such levels, but the Standardbred horses were more than capable of doing so.

Now, this American Horse breed is one of the finest of the trotting horses that, and they tend to display great personalities, which this should explain why the Standardbreds are such popular horses.

The American Standardbred Horse
The American Standardbred Horse

The American Standardbred Horse Breed Temperament

Standardbreds tend to have great temperaments that can take on many horse rider personality types. However, there are a few forms of horse riders out there in which this horse breed might no be a suitable choice for. All in all though, I would say that roughly eight times out of ten the American Standardbred makes an outstanding partner as trotting horses.

When it comes down to it, I'll have to state that I'll rate the Standardbred Horse with a temperament scoring four out of five stars.

The American Standardbred Appearance and Standardbred Facts

The Standardbred horse tends to stand from around 15.2 hh to 15.4 hh tall. These American Horses have beautiful shiny coats of Bay, Chestnut, and Brown colors.

American Standardbreds are an attractive breed of horse that bare many similarities with the Thoroughbred Horses . There are however distinct differences that set the American Standardbred breed to visually contrast with the Thoroughbred Horses. Like for example, The Standardbred Horse is stronger and more sturdy built through the legs, and Standardbred Horses display more powerfully built feet than that of the Thoroughbred Horses .

These trotting horses are actually fairly taller at the croup of their bodies than what they are at the withers. American Standardbred horses are made for fair levels of stamina, thanks to their outstanding builds. This breed of horse is deep and wide at the chest area. Their heads carry a subtly interesting appearance to them that are often times quite pleasing to look at.


Chestnut Standardbred Horse Picture
Chestnut Standardbred Horse Picture

Standardbred Breeders & Standardbreds for Sale

In case you would like to take a quick look and get an idea for the prices of Standardbreds for sale, or you would like to find some good American Standardbred breeders, I recommend checking out local and statewide newspaper ads. Of course the easiest and 9 times out of 10 the most sufficient way of finding highly qualified Standardbred breeders and Standardbreds for sale is simply by using the Google Search Engine. Just type in where you live locally and Standardbreds for sale in order to find what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll find plenty on local Standardbred Breeders by looking on Google.

American Standardbreds
American Standardbreds


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    • profile image

      horsy horse face 6 years ago

      I used to own a Standardbred a few years ago. I owned that horse my entire life, and i can't remember my early childhood years without her.

      She was 31 when she died. I had such a hard time coping with her death, but now i just think back on the good times we shared.

      My standardbred horse was the best horse I ever owned in my life.

      you're right on target with these horses.

      reading this makes me want to think about buying an american standardbred horse again.