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Stop A Dog Chewing The Lead With A Chain Dog Training Leash-Review

Updated on December 6, 2010

Stop A Dog Chewing The Leash With A Chain Dog Training Leash

Stop A Dog Chewing The Leash With A Chain Dog Training Leash Like This One From Amazon
Stop A Dog Chewing The Leash With A Chain Dog Training Leash Like This One From Amazon

Stop A Dog Chewing The Lead With A Chain Dog Training Leash

Which leash can stop a dog chewing the lead? A Chain One! This review shows how pleased we were with a simple dog accessories purchase that solved a puppy problem we hope will be temporary in our sweet little German Shepherd cross.

At first we were nervous of the chain dog training leash as it looked a bit heavy duty for our sweet little puppy. But for her own safety we had to do something to stop her chewing the lead, as we couldn't let her wait for even five minutes before she nibbled her way through the nylon or leather ones. So we tried the chain one, starting off with the lightest weight and needless to say, she didn't like the feel of the cold, hard metal between her puppy teeth at all ! We are hoping she will forget about the chewing stage and that the dog lead chewing habit will be broken forever. Maybe then we can get her a prettier leash, or a designer dog lead - if she's good!

Stop A Dog Chewing The Lead - Chain Dog Training Lead-Our Review

We chose to review the Ancol soft protection chain dog lead because we bought this for our dog ( A German shepherd cross Staffordshire bull terrier) and we found it to be very useful when taking our German Shepherd puppy dog on walks or ‘walkies!’. As a strong dog she tends to pull a lot and with any other lead this can hurt hands or even cut into them as she pulls. However this dog training lead has a soft grip designed to protect the owners hands as the dog attempts to run on ahead. Some other design features of this lead are it's strong construction and soft protection cushioning
The chrome plated fittings seem of a good quality too.
We also had a blue rope-like lead but often found that our German Shepherd puppy dog would try to bite through it as she doesn’t like to be tied up outside shops and such. With the chain lead, she has never tried to bite through it as this leash is chrome plated and could cause discomfort to her teeth and gums as she bit into it.

The cushion feature also has another handy use when the weather isn’t as good as you want it to be; when its raining the cushion prevents slipping and making it easier to pull your dog back as he/she pulls.
This chain dog training lead is also extremely strong and makes the need for buying new leads completely redundant. The size of the lead is important too, as its a reasonably short lead it teaches the dog to be closer to their owner and also stop pulling so much. Although we like this feature it can become rather annoying when walking down a lane as the dog cuts in front and you end up splitting your legs in order as to not stand on the dogs heels. Overall this feature is good in most cases.
If we could add something to this chain dog training lead it would be an extendable size and a choice of color. The extendable size would make it far easier to bring our dog to heel and to let her run further off especially when she might cause trouble or need to have a run. The chain comes in black and silver but a choice of color would make a great addition and would appeal to many more people, say different colored cushions and handles. All in all this is a durable and acceptable day to day lead and would suggest it to anyone who has a dog who chews a lead or pulls or is quite strong and powerful like a German Shepherd.

Stop A German Shepherd Chewing Its Lead-Strong Dogs Need Strong Leashes


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    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Nice hub here, very interesting. Our pup loves to chew anything so this helps.

    • Inspired Writing1 profile image

      Rose English 7 years ago from England

      A dog chewing the lead is so annoying - especially if it's a new one!