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Stop Dog Chasing

Updated on January 16, 2015
Stop Dog Chasing
Stop Dog Chasing | Source

Are you tired of your dog chasing after everything that moves? It’s crucial that you stop dog chasing for several reasons, beginning with the very real hazard to the dog. A moving car, a squirrel, or even a cat can all lead a dog to situations which can be very dangerous to his health and well-being. Not only this, but if you don’t stop your dog from chasing things, it will be very difficult to enjoy a nice, calm walk. So, rather than just keeping him tied up all of the time, you must learn to stop dog chasing before it turns into a significant matter.

The Basic Retraining Techniques

If your dog has severe chasing issues, the very first thing you must do is some basic retraining. In many cases, if the fixation is not too extreme, the retraining will help to minimize the negative behaviors. The leash needs to be your ally in these situations, providing a controlled, easy method to keep your dog safe as you train him.

Focusing on You – First of all, make sure your dog learns to keep his attention focused on you. This is a biggy that a lot of people avoid. It's important to have established a solid alpha leadership control of your dog to stop dog chasing with this approach. Then, when you are walking, make certain your dog is always looking at you before you begin moving. Don’t allow the dog to walk unless his attention is directly focused on you.

Leash Training – If your dog likes to pull on the leash and won't concentrate on you, it might take a little more time to teach him the right path. In the first place, make him sit and wait for you any time you start moving. If he pulls in the least, stop and make him sit close to you. Quickly, he will link the feeling of tugging against the leash with stopping.

Distraction – To stop dog chasing off a leash, you can use a toy to distract your dog. Many times, if your dog is about to become fixated and pursue something, you can move his attention to a toy or other object that he's equally excited about. Toss it out and he will chase after it instead.

Aversion – You can also have a friend give you a hand. Have them ride by on a bicycle or jog by – whatever induces the dog’s desire to chase. To stop dog chasing here, get the friend to stop, firmly say “no” and spray him with a water bottle. For a lot of dogs this will teach them that catching the thing they are chasing is NOT a good thing. A note – this doesn't work for some dogs. Some will just grow angry at the water bottle.

Avoiding Extreme Measures

A lot of people will turn to extreme methods to stop dog chasing – using electric fences, shock collars, or other methods to help keep a dog in check. These are not good for several reasons. They’re inhumane to begin with, and they are not always effective. If your dog really won't stop his chasing behavior, consider getting a professional to help you.

Remember, if your dog chases animals, automobiles, or people, it might be irritating now, but if he gets off his leash, it could be incredibly hazardous for him. Solve the behavior at this point and you will safeguard him when it crops up.


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