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Stop Dog Food Aggression

Updated on January 12, 2013
Stop Dog Food Aggression
Stop Dog Food Aggression | Source

How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

When a dog growls if he is approached while he is eating, you must heed the warning. It is essential that dog food aggression be stopped quickly before you or your children are injured by the dog.

You should take a look at your dog's life and routine as dog food aggression is often connected to other behavior issues. It is highly likely that your dog has other behavior problems that have not been fully addressed.

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It is not normal for dogs to be possessive over their food. Actually, most dogs are fully accepting of food being added to their bowl as they eat.

Dog food aggression is probably linked to your dog's inherent predisposition to hunt with the pack. It is likely that your dog's ancestors had to fight for every meal.

By fixing the dog food aggression problems, you will probably notice an improvement in his other behavior issues.

Dogs make such wonderful pets and it should be a priority to maintain an excellent rapport with your dog. There are many ways to stop dog food aggression. It may take several attempts before you discover the solution for your own pet. That said, all of your effort will be worthwhile. Here are some possible solutions for your dog food aggression problems:

  • Any contact with his food should be connected with positive things. As an example, a small amount of food could be put into his food bowl but you could also have a readily available treat.After he has been eating for a short period of time, you should apporach him. Offer him a treat when he growls.

    He may opt for taking it from you there and then or he may continue to safeguard his food bowl. If you are persistent, he will eventually take the treat. While he is eating the treat, more food should be added to his bowl. This process should be repeated until the dog food aggression stops when you approach his food bowl.
  • If your dog feels that he has to guard his food, he will display dog food aggression. This is also ingrained in his genetics. Distributing your dog’s food between a few bowls and placing them in front of him may help to solve this. While he is eating out of one of the bowls, you should walk towards him and pick up one of the other bowls. Put a delicious treat in his food bowl and place it before him.

    After a short while, this should also be done with the other food dishes. When your dog begins to realize that good things happen when you approach his food bowl, the dog food aggression should end.

It is vital that everyone in your family is involved in this reconditioning process. A closer bond will be forged between your family and your dog. Remember, you should never separate your dog and his food


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